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First Impressions Really Do Count in Retail

First impressions really do count in the retail industry and The Fixtures Group has been helping businesses for decades in attracting more customers.


San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/30/2013 -- If you have ever had your own retail store or even any other type of business that sold a product or even a service you would know that presentation is vital. Why? Because first impressions do count and in a majority of industries competition is rife, so you need something to stand out to attract your consumers. We look in today’s society and especially in the retail sector there are plenty of big stores that have closed down. The main reason being they were not making enough sales to keep them afloat and they could have done more to stand out helping them remain in business. The two main factors would be to improve customer relations and improve the showcasing of the businesses products/services. Many businesses can do this by updating their product display cases. Let’s just concentrate on the latter, a restaurant may serve the best food in a 50 mile radius but if people walk by and just see a dingy looking place then the business is leaving a lot of money on the table. In comparison having a much more appealing restaurant décor with fresh food displayed will attract many more consumers and in turn increase a business’ profits.

The helps businesses in the retail sector to better showcase their products to maximise the appeal to consumers and therefore converting more consumers into buyers. They have been in the industry for decades which means they have plenty of success in this particular field. They haven’t just entered the market over night, they have been in it for the long haul. Their main clients are businesses that sell to consumers, the fact they are still in business shows that their products do actually work which is a testament to the fact that they know what they are doing otherwise they wouldn’t still be here! Next year will mark 30 years of helping retailers attract new customers. The, a family owned business, thanks everyone for their support and looks forward to 30 more!

About The Fixtures Group
The Fixtures Group is a store fixture and showcase display company that caters specifically to the needs of retailers. Whether you are looking for very general or very specific shelving and lighting solutions, we have exactly what it is you are looking for.

The Fixtures Group has designed its own line of mall kiosks, is the supplier of top quality high-end display cases and prides itself with attention to customer service and a focus on ethics. Some clients over the years have included Tom’s shoes, Macy’s, NASA, Albertson’s, Postnet USA Discount, Universities, Colleges as well as many small family owned convenience stores and shops.

The Fixtures Group, has been operating for 25+ years, and is an e-commerce pioneer, taking the company entirely online on October 31, 1997. You can also find The Fixtures Group on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and LinkedIn. If you would like to enquire about some display cases and gondola shelves for your store don’t hesitate to give Fixtures Group a call at (800) 642.9929 or send a fax to (800) 466.3920

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