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First Impressions Smile Center Improves a Patient's Chances of Getting a Good Job


Fort Lauderdale, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/12/2012 -- The unemployment rate for October 2012 dropped to 7.9% with numbers expected to drop more as companies hire for the holiday season. This doesn't solve the problem though as seasonal employment is a short term solution. Unemployment figures will likely rise again in the new year. According to 74% of adults, an unattractive smile may hurt a person's chances of success in his or her chosen field. Anyone who believes their smile is holding them back, Dr. Quesada of First Impressions Smile Center declares, should look into cosmetic dentistry as even small changes can make a big difference in a person's smile.

Teeth whitening is one of the most requested cosmetic dentistry procedures. Teeth darken over time for a number of reasons, including medication use during childhood, improper oral hygiene or food and beverage consumption. Over-the-counter products typically don't produce the desired results. "Contact First Impressions Smile Center and, with the use of a gentle hydrogen-peroxide gel-activated solution, our team can give a patient the white teeth he or she dreams of in as little as one visit," Dr. Quesada goes on to say. "This procedure improves a person's appearance in ways that cannot be imagined."

A veneer is a customized, porcelain shell, both thin and semi-translucent, that is attached to the front of one or more teeth through the process of bonding. Treatment of this type is recommended for teeth which are chipped or broken, permanently stained or discolored, misshapen or crooked teeth or teeth with a space between them. With the use of veneers, orthodontic treatment may by avoided in certain cases. The process of applying veneers can be completed in only two visits to the dentist. "Anyone wishing to make changes to their smile may wish to consider this option as it takes less time than traditional orthodontic work and yet the results are just as amazing," Dr. Quesada continues.

First Impressions Smile Center also assists those in need of dental implants, composite bonding, crowns and bridges. "Our goal is to give each patient the smile he or she dreams of," Dr. Quesada firmly states. "With an improved smile, one feels more confident and is more likely to succeed in his or her professional life as well as their personal one."

About First Impressions Smile Center
Dr. Robert E. Quesada has been practicing dentistry for 16 years and is known for providing exceptional comprehensive and cosmetic dental care. After attending the University of Florida, where he obtained a Bachelor of Science in Microbiology in 1990, he earned a Doctorate in Dental Medicine (DMD) from the University of Florida College of Dentistry in 1995. He then completed a mini residency in implantology at the University of Miami and received Fellowship status with the American Dental Implant Association before returning to school to obtain a Master's in Business Administration from Nova Southeastern University in 2005. Dr. Darshan S. Naidu also attended the University of Florida where he obtained a Bachelor of Science in Food Science and Human Nutrition. He then continued his education at the Harvard School of Dental Medicine and received a Doctorate in Dental Medicine (DMD) before attending Nova Southeastern University. There he earned a certificate in Advanced Education in General Dentistry. Both dentists are members of the American Dental Association as well as the Florida Dental Association.