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First Impressions Unveils Skin Treatment Solutions

Helpful options for those suffering from acne


Melbourne, VIC -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/04/2014 -- First Impressions has announced its path breaking Skin Treatment options that can be helpful to clients who suffer from acne. As they say, scars can take a long time to heal, whether they are physical or emotional ones. Of course time can be a healer when it comes to emotional scars but there are new-age treatments that can help people get over skin related issues. It’s particularly true of acne, which is a condition that many all over the world are afflicted by. It can make a serious dent in people’s self-confidence as it makes a huge difference to their overall appearance.

However the good news is that there are Skin Treatments, which can offer respite to those suffering from acne. But then there are treatments and then there are those that are quite effective and extremely safe. PicoSure Facial Revitalization definitely falls into that category and it is offered by First Impressions Laser Clinic for its clients. In fact, that’s the only trusted treatment used by the clinic because not only is it safe but in spite of being uncomfortable, it is largely pain free.

This Skin Treatment is carried out after understanding the client’s history by the clinic. First Impressions has a team of professional technicians that take the effort to carry out the skin analysis of a patient to make sure it’s the safest way to go forward. Users are also taken through the steps involved in the process, their expectations are considered and realistic goals are set. Acne scar treatments start at about $300 per session and take about 30 minutes with hardly any downtime.

Only after having its clients on board and keeping them informed, the clinic carries out this Skin Treatment for them in the safest possible environment. They are given all information about the treatment before hand so they know what they are getting into. Moreover they are also provided with information for post treatment care, which goes a long way in helping them get the results they want.

About First Impressions
First Impressions Laser Clinic is one of the four accredited centres in Victoria that offers PicoSure Laser Technology and is considered to be a leader in Laser Removal Technology. It also has a variety of new age treatments for skin conditions.

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