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First Kiss Flowers Secures Exclusive New Discount Coupon Codes from Four Distinct Florists

First Kiss Flowers is a website offering people the best opportunities and deals on floral arrangements of all scales, with four companies offering their users exclusive discounts.


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/14/2015 -- Flowers are a beautiful gift, and are so precious because of their impermanence. Their vibrant colors, beautiful shapes and intoxicating smells have fascinated cultivators for centuries, and they are still a popular gift to this day for celebrations, commiserations and declarations of love and affection. Because flowers are so specialist in an increasingly urbanized world they can often be too expensive for everyday gifts, but First Kiss Flowers is helping reverse that trend by securing exclusive discounts from major flower retailers throughout the US.

One of their first exclusives (, offers a huge variety of discounts, from 15% off site wide to $10 off any order over $49, and specific deals on Fruit Boutiques, Graduation flowers and more.

Another such exclusive ( is offering 25% off site wide, 25% off sunflowers, $20 off long stem roses, 10% on gift baskets and more. All the coupon codes have been independently verified and are only posted to the site for as long as they are in date, meaning individuals can get any deal they see.

These deals are met by similar offerings from two other major florists, who have also joined the site to enable them to compete for customers by offering equally great deals.

A spokesperson for First Kiss Flowers explained, "The more users we have, the more bargaining power we have and the more leverage we can exert on florists to offer great deals to our users. The great thing is that with these four great companies already on board, we anticipate numbers increasing hugely and consistently in the coming months. We hope this will allow us to strengthen our existing relationships while also bringing more companies into the fold, so beautiful gift flowers will be available to all at the best possible prices."

About First Kiss Flowers
First Kiss Flowers is an online resource center enabling individuals to find information about gift ideas, floral arrangements and other delicate gifts, together with exclusive discount codes from major providers to help make securing beautiful gifts both cheap and easy. The site is regularly updated by a dedicated team of researchers.

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