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First Response Leads Nationwide Campaign to Educate Consumers and Businesses That Medical Alarm Systems Are for Any Age and Lifestyle


Brewster, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/02/2015 -- First Response and its nationally recognized consumer brand name First Response, America's leading authority and nationwide provider of personal emergency response systems and wearable panic alarm devices for independent seniors and active individuals, has recently launched a national campaign to educate consumers that the use of personal medical alarm systems and devices are appropriate for individuals of any age and lifestyle- not just seniors.

Scott Hazlewood, Managing Director of Product & Business Development for First Response emphasizes, "First Response is breaking away from the traditional model and assumptions that personal emergency medical alarm systems are only critical to protecting independent seniors and at-risk individuals. With recent advances in wireless communication technology, GPS tracking, and microchip applications to name a few, individuals at any age and lifestyle can depend on these monitoring and dispatch devices to offer reliable, affordable modern-day monitoring and protection."

A senior emergency alert button, worn primarily as a waterproofed bracelet or necklace pendant, have changed very little over the past several decades in an industry that was not historically known for cutting edge innovation. The primary reason for this lack of evolution in technology-based applications is due to the target consumer. In other words, independent seniors and older adults as the end user traditionally comprise over 90% of the marketplace for such medical alarm devices and services.

All of this has changed in only the past few years. First Response is known as early adopters of new, proven technologies and devices within the medical alarm industry, has fully embraced innovative systems like cell dialers and GPS-based mobile devices that have been designed to be easy-to-use, maintenance-free and affordable for their customers.

Innovative products create new market opportunities according to First Response. Greg Ribaudo, General Manager and Managing Director of Product Technology states, "Improvements in technology while offering a wider range of applications and uses has really created an unprecedented demand by consumers and businesses for personal emergency alarm devices. We are experiencing a much broader appeal for our systems and services apart from seniors and at-risk individuals than ever before. Wireless and micro technologies are making this happen."

It takes more than innovative technology and smart products to create new markets filled with wanting and willing customers. In 2015, First Response began the process of specifically marketing and reaching out to targeted consumer groups, businesses and industries to the advantages of including personal emergency alert systems into their safety programs.

The results of these initiatives have proven to be very successful from the outset. A prime example of this strategy is the introduction of sports medical alert systems for the fitness club and sports facilities industries. Scott Hazlewood further explains, "Member-based sports facilities especially are subject to insurance, legal and safety liability issues that if addressed effectively with our emergency alarm systems, could save a business operator or proprietor considerable cost savings while maintaining compliance and best practices. It is also a very good member client amenity that reflects in a positive way for the business operator."

Whether an individual consumer or business, First Response is leading the medical alarm industry into new territories never imagined. As the technology evolves and becomes more mobile and portable, the possibilities for new demand by these emerging customer groups will increase over time dramatically. First Response is excited for the future and for these emerging nationwide consumer trends- a demand they seemingly have created solely by themselves.

About First Response
First Response and its parent company, First Alarm Inc., is a nationwide provider of affordable, reliable medical alarm systems and personal devices that are supported by 24/7 live emergency monitoring and dispatch services for America's seniors and their families, businesses and non-profit organizations.

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