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First Response Providing Web Blog Series to Educate Individuals on How to Choose a Medical Alert System


Brewster, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/09/2014 -- First Response has recently announced the publication release of several key articles featured on the company’s acclaimed online Blog series portal. The portal provides consumers with the critical information and key insights necessary in order to select the best medical alert system. Individuals will find the information helpful when looking to meet the specific lifestyle and technology needs of any independent senior or any person challenged by a chronic medical condition or disability.

Home medical alert systems are considered by the medical alarm industry and consumers alike as the most preferred and cost-effective investment for emergency medical monitoring and protection for seniors. Together with longstanding cellular and GPS-tracking technologies, these devices are quickly being adopted by the major service providers like First Response into the consumer marketplace.

As part of an ongoing initiative to educate America’s independent seniors and their caregivers to become better informed consumers, particularly in light of these recent advancements in technology to the emergency medical alarm industry, First Response is mentoring consumers to now think strategically when choosing a medical alert system for home use or travel. Not only do new and emerging technologies bring more choices and selection to systems and devices, they also bring more focus on the user and how each system may or may not be compatible with the needs of the user.

To emphasize this new way of consumer thinking, Scott Hazlewood of First Response System advises, “When we speak with would-be clients at the outset, we advise them to evaluate systems and providers in five key areas- user lifestyle and needs, user acceptance/use of the various levels of technologies being offered, emergency monitoring service protocols, customer service reliability and performance, and price plan options associated to a perceived budget.”

With all of these new factors and dynamics to consider, consumers are now challenged to research an even greater wealth of product and service provider information in order to make the right decision, financial and otherwise. With limited time on the part of consumers to achieve this goal, First Response has updated its web site and blog series portal to now generate content-specific pages that help break down this volume of information. The blog series distills the in-depth information into an easy-to-understand language and actionable format. Choosing the right modern-day medical alert system for a loved one needn’t be confusing, daunting or all-consuming when armed with the right approach, needs and goals in mind.

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