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First Response Publishes Definitive Consumer Report for 2014 on How to Choose a Proper Medical Alert System for at-Risk Elderly Adults Living in America


Brewster, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/14/2014 -- It is a universally accepted fact that seniors throughout America are living longer and, as a result, are leading more active and productive lives than at any other period in America’s history. First Response, a leading national provider of personal emergency medical alert systems for independent seniors and health care providers, has publicly released this report to assist consumers in finding the best medical alert system. Their report is based upon a criterion that focuses on the elderly user’s current medical conditions, needs and lifestyle.

According to statistics detailed in the First Response report, the U.S. Census Bureau projects that seniors aged 65 plus will double in size over the next 25 years. The First Response System consumer report also goes on to conclude that America’s seniors are able to stay in their homes longer as opposed to entering traditional assisted living or some level of monitored institutional care. This is due to better access to health care and more effective medical treatments (public and private services).

Scott Hazlewood, Director of Client Services for First Response, states “The explosive growth of our nation’s senior community translates to an unprecedented and immediate need for comprehensive health care services, quality medical treatment, and state-of-the-art medical products and emergency medical monitoring devices for America’s seniors. How to best choose a personal medical alert system for a loved one is critical to their independence and overall quality of life as they continue to age in place.”

The report outlines in a simplified and easy-to-understand format, the particular applications, features and benefits of each personal medical alert system and to correlate each system to a specific elderly user profile. Each user profile is identified by using a set criteria of medical, mental and physical impairment, mobility and lifestyle assessments. Once the user identifies the profile that closest resembles their lifestyle contained in the report, a specific personal medical alarm system can then be recommended or selected.

As part of the company’s report to consumers, First Response is positioned to provide seniors nationwide with the latest in emergency medical alert systems and 24/7 emergency monitoring services for the home, as well as travel. This modern-day product line extends to traditional landline medical alarm systems, cell dialer systems when there is no landline available, and latest generation GPS tracking medical alarm devices for unlimited portability and travel.

Akin to all systems in the First Response System product line is the universally recognized help alert or emergency panic button. Worn primarily as an emergency necklace for seniors, this wireless transmitter can be pressed by the user to dispatch 911 emergency responders when experiencing the onset of a medical emergency, sudden event or accident. For example, the report recommends the GPS MobileCare necklace device for those users who wish to communicate with live emergency operators over an easy-to-access two-way voice activated speaker that is located on the necklace device.

To maintain the independence, mobility and safety of a senior adult or loved one, please contact the company to learn more on which specific personal medical alert system is best suited for their needs and lifestyle. First Response is a national provider of affordable medical alarm systems and emergency monitoring services, medical equipment and independent living products, and fall prevention education programs. For more information and discount price plans, please visit or call Toll-Free Live Customer Service at (866)930-1130.