First Step to Buying a Home, Essential Buying First Home Complete Guide in USA

There’s no perfect first step in buying a home. Actually, there’s no one way to go about buying a home in general.


Pittsfield, MA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/16/2013 -- But there are certain steps you’d be remiss to skip. can get you started with buying a home.

1. Apply for a Mortgage
2. Research
3. Find a Home

Apply for a Mortgage

A smart first step to buying your first home is to apply for a mortgage. This is true for several reasons. First, it’ll help you find out how much money you will actually qualify for. This will be important when you go looking for homes, because they will have to meet your budget. Secondly, applying for a mortgage is your chance to get organized in the home buying process. Getting that mortgage will force you to make a budget each month for what you can afford in mortgage payments amongst your other bills. It will also give you time to start saving for a down payment on your soon-to-be new home.

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Research is a vital step to buying a home. Knowing what you are looking for will protect you from being taken advantage of. You will need to research prices of homes in the area you are looking in, a good lawyer, and a real estate agent.

If you have an idea of an area where you would like to live, check out what types of homes are for sale. This will give you a good idea of what types of homes you are able to afford based on your mortgage. Looking for a lawyer, if you don’t already have one, is a vital step in buying your first home. First, ask around for references. Search the internet. Then give local lawyers a call and ask about their services. Everything from legal fees to reputation is important in your choice. Next, you need to find a real estate agent. This isn’t required, but having an agent will ultimately benefit you in the amount of choices you have. Just as you looked for a lawyer, do the same for a real estate agent. Be aware of how they speak to you. Is their language plain and clear, or are they trying to embellish the quality of a home too much? You want to work with someone you can trust.

Find a Home

Once you get past the initial first steps in buying your first home, you can officially start house shopping! Keep a list of your must-haves and wants in a home. Once you find the home for you, put in a bid, and wait to (hopefully) be accepted. If you are, you will work with your lawyer to sign contracts and pay closing fees, as well as officially apply for a mortgage loan.

Buying your first home can be overwhelming. can give you the advice you need to get started. In addition to our online database, which connects you to experts in the real estate field, you can also reach us 24/7 by phone at 800-987-1397. Our associates are standing by to take your questions, or help you schedule a free consultation.