Lexi Schwartzberg

First Time Child Author Honored by City of Parkland Florida on August 12


Fort Lauderdale, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/06/2015 -- Lexi Schwartzberg, a Broward County eleven-year old children's author, will be honored by the Honorable Mayor Michael Udine and city commissioners of Parkland, Florida next Wednesday, August 12. Schwartzberg will receive a certificate of appreciation for her work as a young, published author of her new book, "Lily Droplet's Amazing Adventure: The Water Cycle." This is the first time a young author has been recognized in Parkland. The public meeting will begin at 7:00 pm at the Parkland City Hall, 6600 University Drive, Parkland, FL.

Schwartzberg's book tells the story of a droplet who experiences the water cycle for the first time and her fears along the way. The book started as a class assignment but soon took on a life of its own. Her original assignment only had her writing a paragraph, but Schwartzberg wrote two and a half pages, and she went on from there. Lily really comes to life thanks to her aunt, Danielle Schwartzberg, who provided the illustrations. "I just thought it would be cute. The idea popped into my mind about having a water droplet who experienced the water cycle for the first time." Schwartzberg said. "… I'm a huge Harry Potter fan; there's a character named Lily, and I just used that."

The book is aimed at children who are learning about the water cycle. "It's really cool because one of my goals in life was to get a book published as an adult," Schwartzberg said. "I'll probably write more, but it's kind of mind-boggling." Lily Droplet's Amazing Adventure: The Water Cycle (ISBN: 978-0-99629-331-0) addresses science topics that appeal to young children.

About Lexi Schwartzberg
Lexi Schwartzberg (http://www.thewatercycleforkids.com) is building a strong following of young readers and educators worldwide, by sharing her creative talent and curiosity. The informational book is popular in schools where the water cycle is being taught in science classes.

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