First Web-Based Point of Sale System Launch in Singapore

Inspirepos is the first online web based point of sale system in Singapore, targeting retailers since 2011.


Nanyang, Singapore -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/14/2012 -- Inspirepos is the first online web based point of sale system in Singapore, targeting retailers since 2011. In contrary to many who still opts for traditional point of sale (POS) systems, an online point of sale system, often running in web based browsers, is the next generation point of sale application.

Some of the key differentiators of Inspirepos’s Web-based point of sale (POS) system includes:

Manage From Anywhere in Real Time
Allows business owners to work from the comfort of home and yet have a real time view over sales reports real-time, across all outlets. An online based system allows him to manage business operations from anywhere and equips him with information that was not possible with a traditional system.

Real Time Stock Management - Improved Stock Control
The real time stock changes update equates to less frequent stock out scenarios. As stock level drops to a certain amount, the shop manager will be alerted to restock. It allows a better forecast over stock movement.

Hard disk or PC failures scenarios
In the event of a hard disk crash or PC failure, another laptop or PC can quickly be used to replace, as long as it is installed with an updated browser. Compared to a traditional POS system, the downtime will be longer and there is a possibility of loss data.

Constant software update
Traditional point of sale system (POS), once purchased becomes unmaintained and buggy. Annual maintenance fees are not justifiable and high. It can cause inefficiencies to business operation. Inspirepos’s online point of sale system stays updated and updates is almost seamless and unnoticeable.

Secure and Confidential Data
Inspirepos online POS software are backed with the same security and encryption system adopted by most banks that can protect sales and other data from potential hackers.

It allows businesses to grow dramatically, boost sales and prevent customers from walking out, and also to analyze sales and manage sales inventory more efficiently.

Better Customer Service
With up-to-date sales and stock numbers always at fingertips, customer interaction becomes much more informed. Integrated stock control means less stock outs, avoiding customer disappointment that can have a hugely negative effect on return business and word-of-mouth recommendation.

If an item is out of stock, the shop keeper can check whether a nearby store has the item in stock. Stock counts and manual adjustments can also be performed in store in real time, so a returned product can be available for sale to another customer immediately. The revised stock level is visible in all connected stores as soon as any change is made.

About Inspirepos
Inspirepos is a leading web based online point of sale (POS) system company inspired to add value to retailers by making radical changes.

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