Freespool Sport Fishing

Fish During the South Florida Spring

The hammerhead and blackfin tuna are among the fish that a person may spot during their fishing trip.


Miami Beach, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/30/2019 -- Blackfin tuna are incredibly small fish yet they can be fierce opponents when attempting to catch them using standard deep-sea fishing rods and reels, often darting into deeper depths. These fish are among the favorites to catch with people of all ages.

A hammerhead shark varies in size from just three feet to more than nineteen feet and its head (known as cephalofoil) allows the sea dweller some enhanced vision. Because of the eye position, the hammerhead is able to consistently spot what's above and below it. This cephalofoil is put to good use when the shark is hunting by allowing it to pin down prey.

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Free Spool Sport Fishing is a custom built 43' Sports Fisherman Free Spool located at Haulover Marina offering an exciting deep sea fishing experience for anyone including families, friends or business associates. Spearheaded by Miami native Captain Dennis Forgione, the boats fish for many different species of fish and it specializes in kite fishing for sailfish and mahi, live bait fishing for kingfish and other game fish. For more information on sport fishing Miami or to book a trip, please call 305-582-5445.