"Fish" New US Single by Freelance Journalist/Recording Artist Zio Antoni


Bronx, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/06/2014 -- Freelance Journalist/recording artist releases an arabesque new single to the forthcoming conceptual EP/Mixtape "The Campus", called "Fish". Fish delves reflective and gritty outlook of the value of life from struggle, pain and progress. A new single and return from a considerable hiatus from the indie music scene. Zion has penned overseas hits as "1987","Honey fo' my Strongdrink", and "Still love u". Now he returns with a grassroots real to life era of maturity, and growth.

"There's always a risk in staying progressive in any field." Zion explains. "To always show people how you have grown and where your willing to take them." Zion explains he is confident his new surge of Avant -Garde music will influence by demand. Promoted at a minimum within the states, "Fish" is a catalyst to much, and a point in the voice of the grassroots. For like minds of progress, Antoni again, re defines.

About Zion Antoni
Freelance journalist/recording artist/Activist/Author/Grassroots record producer Zion Antoni aka Ari Al-yasa was born in 1978 in manhattan, and raised in the Bronx NY, Via Washington heights. Of African american/Costa-rican descent. Honing talents, surviving adolescence, and developing in his formative years, he later moved to Philadelphia in pursuit to finish education; Working and incorporating under grad studies along with independent study.

After many years of hardship he founded Manna/gracemusik, in 2003, a production label functioning in music, outreach, and grassroots journalism. After three successful projects including a solo lp, and newsletter, Manna/Gracemusik is now succeeded by Writer/Educator/Recording artist Cborn Nacirfa.