Makes Applying for Small Business Loans Hassle Free


NSW, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/06/2013 -- There is no doubt small business loans often provide a much-needed infusion of capital to help Australian entrepreneurs begin a new business, invest in expansion opportunities, or carry the business into a new era, argues James Clark, spokesperson for, Australia’s top business lead generator for a number of different loan facilities.

In fact, not all small business loans are created equal, and James believes Australian business owners ought to make absolutely sure they understand the need for the loan and what lending institutions will require.

However, one of the many factors small businesses need to think about regarding business loans has to do with the amount needed. “Even though small business loan amounts varies based on what the owner would like to do, my advice to people, particularly those beginning a business in Australia, the amount need may be affected depending on whether personal funds, as well as loans or gifts from family and friends.

“No matter the amount of money being borrowed or the source of the funds, the loan amount needed should include realistic start-up expenses, including a small salary for the business owner,” advises James, who believes the expansion of an existing business often is an easier way to get a loan because the business already has a history of income and expenses that the owner can prove.

However, when planning for an expansion, business loan applicants again need to provide a realistic estimate of what the expansion effort will cost. “Taking the time to complete this step properly will aid in getting your business the right type and amount of money in a loan,” adds James.

Concerning the matter of lenders’ requirements of a business loan applicant, James notes these requirements generally vary from country to country. As they relates to the Australian experience, James usually speaks to people looking for business loans.

For business people who are seeking small business loans, Australian lenders do have a few basic requirements that borrowers would best pay attention to. First among them is the requirement to have some kind collateral to support the loan process.

“Collateral simply means something that has enough equity in it that it will cover the value of the loan if the person doesn’t or cannot pay back the loan,” says James. Real property, such as land or buildings, work well as collateral, and in some cases motor vehicles or even business inventory can be used as collateral.

Another requirement Lenders expects small business owners to adhere to is their providing some sort of statement indicating their cash flow. “If you do not typically prepare this type of statement, which includes the amount of income, inventory, cost of goods sold, and expenses that a company has, use a search engine to look up example cash flow, or profit/loss, statements for Australia and customized it your personal situation,” says James, who adds cash flow statements provide critical information lenders require in order to determine whether the business can repay the money it intends to borrow.

Don’t know how to prepare for a business loan application? Well, James says that once loan applicants have determined how much money they will need and what they need to provide to prospective lenders, it is time to begin to take action toward applying for a loan.

“This simple loan application takes only five minutes and can start small business owners on the path to getting a loan to help with their business,” notes James, who adds business loans are available to help with all stages of the business operation, whether owners are looking to start up a new business, buy an existing business, expand current business, or just need help with cashflow.

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