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FishHook Portable Laptop Stands Launched in the USA Features Universal Design and Progressive Capabilities


Woodbridge, VA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/07/2014 -- FishHook, one of the largest selling laptop/notebook stands, is now in the USA, featuring patented ergonomic design and smart capabilities for superior performance and ease of use. It is for the first time that buyers in the USA will witness something unique and worthwhile, which will enhance their comfort and convenience of using their laptops and notebooks, anywhere, anytime.

Working on a table top is the most prominent picture, today. Unfortunately, the inconveniences and disadvantages are plenty. Traditional notebook/laptop stands and risers are too bulky to be carried everywhere. Moreover, they are not portable in nature, which further makes it difficult to work on laptops and notebooks efficiently, anywhere. In fact, hardly a few laptop or notebook users have the advantage of a cutting-edge supportive stand that can be carried wherever they go. Besides, conventional laptop risers and table tops aren’t designed to be ergonomic, and therefore, promotes bad posture and other inconveniences.

FishHook is a unique and portable laptop/notebook stand that is strategically designed to provide superior support to the laptop or notebook, whilst providing the ability to carry and use it everywhere. It is light-in-weight, portable, and sturdy that works uniquely on two hooks that are located on each side. To minimize the harmful impact of bad posture, the stand is ergonomically designed to provide good view and promote straight and upright position while working on the computer.

It also helps in minimizing the risk of neck and back pain, and Carpal Tunnel syndrome, which are majorly caused due to poor sitting posture and wrist displacement over a long time.

With FishHook stand, users can work comfortably on their laptop or notebook for hours, without any hassle or inconvenience. Its patented, universal Swedish design is created by RRedesigner that provides superior support to virtually all kinds of laptops and notebooks. Moreover, it is strategically designed to be light in weight, just 0.2 lbs, and comes with a mini carrying bag which makes it convenient to carry the stand everywhere. To ensure optimal performance of the laptop, FishHook provides improved ventilation and airflow beneath, increasing lifespan and battery efficiency of the computer remarkably.

The universal design supports all laptops and notebooks from 10 inch to 18.4 inch screen size, and thickness of 0.2 inches to 1.1 inches when opened. It comes with 2 unit stands and is remarkably simple and quick to install and dismantle. The stand provides unique viewing and typing angle to allow keeping the back and wrists as much straight as possible. Moreover, ergonomic design provides superior comfort to the body, allowing working for hours on laptop or notebook. The mini carrying bag can easily fit into a laptop bag, thus, making it easier to carry the stand anywhere.

FishHook laptop/notebook stand is now available for sale only via and limited authorized resellers. To learn more about the product, visit

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Seyingo, LLC is a prominent distributor of FishHook laptop/notebook stands that feature universal design, ergonomics, and unique capabilities to deliver superior comfort and ease of use. The company has launched both the FishHook and mini-FishHook stands in the USA, delivering superior value to buyers.