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Fishing Ammo Launches New Website


Oviedo, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/27/2014 -- Since their appearance on ABC’s Shark Tank, Fishingammo has experienced rapid growth selling their uniquely designed fishing bobbers to fishers all over the world. In a market crowded with fishing products, the high quality of the products and reasonable pricing from Fishingammo stand out as must haves for any serious fisherman. With the growth of their site and new products, Fishingammo is poised to be a powerhouse in the fishing industry.

Founded by Jeff Stafford and Dusty Holloway, Fishingammo started with a simple idea to marry the hunting and fishing industries. Shell Bobbers, their first product, landed them an appearance on Shark Tank where they were able to land a deal with Mark Cuban that allowed Jeff and Dusty to transform their product into a real business. What had once been merely an idea was about to become a business reality.

After some advice from Mark Cuban, Jeff and Dusty realized that there was more money to be made if they were able to expand their product line into a brand. The new product line includes shirts and hats, as well as cuff links and a shotgun gun bobber key chain, all emblazoned with the Fishingammo logo. Soon they launched the new site where they were able to sell all of their products direct to consumers, as well as set up a place for retailers to get more information about selling the products. More importantly, customers can now order customized fishing bobbers direct from the site with whatever text they wish.

Fishingammo stands out as one of Shark Tank’s true success stories, as Jeff and Dusty have been able to move beyond a single product to create a brand and a company. The new website provides easy access to all of the products that Fishingammo sells, as well as information about the new promotions and monthly contests.