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Orange County, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/08/2013 -- From the West Coast to the East Coast, Shark Tracking is one of the most popular sports and past times in the fishing industry today. Whether interested in Great Whites or Mako Sharks there are many resources for all shark tracking needs just waiting to be used to locate fish.

Here on the West Coast, is tracking two short-fin Mako sharks, which were tagged back in July 2012. By using “the latest generation of compact fin-mount satellite transmitters” scientists are able to track the exact location in real time of each shark as they breech the surface of the ocean. These sharks in particular are a great species to track because they spend majority of their day amongst the Pacific Ocean sea surface making it easier to locate them as they migrate through the water. Through the use of these satellite transmitters the Mako Sharks can be tracked for up to two years. FishTrack works with the National Fisheries Service, utilizing the tracking tags to create extensive pictures of the migration routes of each Mako Shark.

On the East Coast Mary Lee and Genie, two great white sharks are being tracked by The two were first tagged in Cape Cod, Boston and are now being followed on their southern migration down the coast. While Mary Lee is currently swimming around the coast of Brunswick, Georgia, Genie has made it all the way down to Jacksonville, Florida as of last Friday night. According to the Cape Cod Times, the smart positioning tags used on the two great whites will be able to track their where-about for up to four years. For more information and/or updates on these two sharks, people can follow them on facebook or on the website. The intention of these devices is to be able to better study and understand the mating, birthing and hunting rituals of this species.

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At Fishtrack a user can properly plan a fishing trip well in advance by knowing where the fish are before stepping off the dock. Whether an amateur with a passion for fishing or a professional who lives on the water, by subscribing to Fishtrack’s SST charts and fishing charts any fishing enthusiast can avoid Mother Nature’s setbacks with accurate updates of weather conditions and more.

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