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Fishtrack Offers App-Free Android and iPad Programs

Android and iPad apps seem to have taken over the world, but many anglers are not interested in downloading and continually updating apps to give them the best fishing maps, fishing charts and SST charts.


Huntington Beach, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/31/2013 -- Fishing enthusiasts are no more immune to the technology rage than any other group, but handling tackle, a boat, and keeping the excitement of sport fishing alive demands instant access to information regarding the best fishing spots, weather and sea surface temperature. Ask any angler and he or she will tell you that the last thing any sport fishing enthusiast wants is to have to manage apps, downloads and constant updates to access this information.

Fishtrack understands this demand and provides for it with app-free programs for both Android and iPhone or iPad platforms. With Fishtrack’s up-to-the-second fishing forecast technology, anglers can instantly access information then get back to what is really important—fishing for their favorite catch.

Fishtrack’s Android and iPhone or iPad programs provide immediate access to the information most important to anglers, including:

- Cloud-free sea surface temperature maps
- High-resolution SST and chlorophyll readings
- True Color satellite imagery
- Bathymetry, altimetry and ocean current map overlays
- 7-Day Buoyweather(TM) marine weather forecasts anywhere in the world
- Waypoint plotting, utilizing GPS technology to find exact fishing locations

Whether anglers have an Android phone, an iPhone or a tablet, these programs will work instantly without having the hassle of finding the right download and being asked to continually update these programs in order for them to work.

Utilizing the latest online technology, Fishtrack is able to update its information continuously, providing instant access to the latest information so that anglers are never caught with outmoded data. Anglers can also upload photos instantly of amazing fishing trips or other events directly to the Fishtrack website so that others can see their catches and share the excitement of a great fishing experience.

Premium Fishtrack members have access to some of the most sophisticated fishing maps and data in the world. Serious anglers know that Fishtrack provides the information they need to find the right spots, share their information and stay updated on the latest fishing data around the world.

About Fishtrack
Fishtrack is the leading sport fishing information website in the world with SST charts, maps, weather forecasts and articles for serious anglers in every salt-water spot on the planet. Fishtrack members enjoy exclusive access to a variety of important fishing information that can help them ramp up their angling to an entirely new level and allows them to connect with like-minded fishing enthusiasts everywhere.

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