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Fisil LLC Adds Chat History Function to Linux Lync Software Client for Ubuntu, Red Hat, SUSE and CentOS


Sunnyvale, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/16/2014 -- Fisil LLC, a software development company, added chat history to its Lync Linux software clients for Microsoft Lync. They are available for download at

Chat history lets users view their old chats.

Wync has a full range of features: file transfer, chat, VoIP, etc.

Other features are planned in April:

- MS 365 login (also enables login for many 2013 users)

- Linux => MS desktop sharing

- Linux <=> Linux desktop sharing + Remote control

This software helps users of Microsoft Lync for communications.

When contacted, Joseph Saib, a developer at Fisil LLC, said “Lync, Linux, Chat history.”

Microsoft Lync is used by millions to communicate and cooperate. Lync has chat, voice and video calls, file transfer, screen sharing and remote PC control. Microsoft does not provide a Linux Lync client, which is troublesome for Linux users. Fisil fills this gap.

When contacted, a company spokesperson explained “Use Wync Linux to see your Lync recent chats. If you want to read a history of chat, read Wikipedia You can Download Wync free.”

Fisil’s portable code made it easy to make Lync clients for Linux, Android, iPhone and iPad.

Fisil’s software is used at many companies: Accenture, HP, P&G, Dell, Deloitte, NHS, Ericsson, Atos, Vodafone, etc. Fisil also makes custom versions to meet special customer needs. The company is now focused on improving its Linux clients.

About Fisil LLC
Established 2011, Fisil developed its own Lync clients for Linux, Android, iPhone and iPad.

Contact Information
Contact Person: Joseph Saib
Contact Number: +1-408-868-5252
Address: 370 Altair Way, Suite 318, Sunnyvale, CA 94086 USA