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Fit Forty Enlightens Readers on Quintessential over 40 Workout, Health, and Fitness Sources


Boston, MA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/29/2014 -- is a fresh new launched website which seeks to inform readers over 40 years of age about the workout plans for men and women over 40. Tailored to the health, fitness and lifestyle style needs of people over the age of 40, realizing that middle aged people have limited resources of energy and have limited time divided between work and family duties, the workout plans and programs shared on the website aim to maximize the effort within a short workout. team understands the issues middle aged people have faced when attempting program that aren’t suited to their particular needs, they say:

“Let’s face it and be real; working out over 30 can be really hard. Not only are you older and tired all the time, but you may have kids, back pain or have to work crazy hours just to make ends meet. Everyone has felt the pain of trying to get fit and seeing little to no results. It is disheartening and downright miserable at times.”

To assist their readers the team at Fit Forty has reviewed the best workout for men over 40 and best workout for women over 40 programs. F4x training program reviews available on the website take an in depth look in to why the system has been such a hit among people who are 40 and 30 years of age. The training program has been created by a middle aged couple, well versed in the latest fitness techniques and they have also been a part of the fitness for a long time. The website claims: “You will not be spending evenings staring at the wall while running on the treadmill or be expected to workout night and day to look good. As this program outlines, this can actually have an adverse side effect where free radicals make you look and feel much older than you are.” The website reports that many people below the age of 30 have also used this program to achieve optimum fitness result without the need to exercise for long periods of time.

The reviews available on the website also alert people about whether certain fitness programs for over 40 are scams or legitimately effective.

Fit Forty was launched to fill the fitness void between the 30-something and 40+ fitness crowds. We provide you with top fitness and nutrition information and helpful tips including in depth reviews of the hottest fitness programs available today. For more information, please visit:

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