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FitFiz Pilates Launches Two Convenient Fitness Programs to Facilitate Weight Loss and Anti-Aging

FitFiz Studio, with the help of its two fitness programs, endeavors to release people from the risks of obesity-related diseases. By combining the benefits of Pilates and Whole Body Vibration, it aids in weight loss and anti-aging.


Istanbul, Turkey -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/09/2012 -- With obesity on the rise, people are gradually becoming victims of serious and life-threatening diseases. In order to avoid such dangerous effects of a sedentary lifestyle, it becomes imperative to lose excess weight so that a healthy life can be guaranteed. That is exactly what FitFiz, a brand new fitness and health studio, aims to do with the help of its two main fitness exercise programs, namely, Pilates and TrueVibe. While the former is a combination of reformer pilates and TrueVibe vibration training, the latter encompasses Whole Body Vibration (WBV). The objective of both these fitness programs is to help individuals lose weight and slow down the aging process by strengthening muscles and bones, improving flexibility and stability.

Pilates, in itself, promises a wealth of benefits. It not only improves the overall posture of the body but also relieves back pain and increases joint control and mobility. Again, it plays an effective role in improving spine flexibility and mobility and facilitating a supportive cell structure. Now, when Pilates is combined with TrueVibe vibration training which is called Vibro Pilates, it works wonders for individuals struggling with obesity and rapid ageing.

Vibration training is highly effective in reducing some prominent aging symptoms by increasing bone mass, lower body strength, mobility and balance. By strengthening the bones, it also helps prevent osteoporosis, a common health problem faced particularly by women. TrueVibe vibration training acts as the perfect anecdote for aging problems.

Whole Body Vibration was designed in the 1960s specifically for astronauts to help them maintain and reclaim lost bone density at the time of being in space. However, it did not take long for the rest of the world to realize its diverse benefits and advantages and as a result, whole body vibration has become the most preferred choice for athletes as well as common folks. FitFiz Studio’s TrueVibe program incorporates all the helpful features of Whole Body Vibration in order to help individuals get rid of cellulite and ensure a healthier and more glowing skin.

According to the spokesperson for FitFiz, the two fitness programs, Vibro Pilates and TrueVibe, are capable of burning fat up to 500 calories in a mere 15 minutes. A TrueVibe program consists of 12 sessions per month with 3 sessions per week. The duration of each TrueVibe session is only 15 minutes which implies even individuals who are hard pressed for time can easily accommodate it in their daily schedule. A Vibro Pilates program includes 10 sessions per month.

About FitFiz
FitFiz Studio is a health and fitness studio offering two primary exercise programs, Pilates and Vibro Pilates with TrueVibe. Its sessions are intended to help individuals lose cellulite and excess weight along with providing anti-aging benefits.