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FitFreaks Provides Range of Whey Protein and Protein Shakes


San Fransisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/02/2012 -- Protein is a vital part of building and retaining muscle mass. For the average person working out three times a week, they could have to ingest as much as 1g of protein per kilogram they weigh. This can often seem an insurmountable amount to ingest, which is why protein shakes are so popular. They offer a fast and easy way to get the necessary amount of protein and other nutrients needed to develop an impressive physique.

FitFreaks is a website dedicated to all things fitness, and has just started a blog covering a range of topics including training technique, nutrition, product reviews and even has time for humour. They currently have a range of special offers on products that can achieve different aims, from building size and strength, to improving physique, to losing fat and toning up.

A spokesman for FitFreaks said, “Different people require different things. Some want to lose weight, others want to gain it in the form of more muscle. Others have done that, and want to lose the inevitable puppy fat that comes with a bulk up. We want to support everyone, whatever their aims, in moving toward getting the body they want.”

The range of whey protein they offer come with in-depth product descriptions, user reviews and star ratings to help consumers make their choice on what will be the most efficient purchase for them. The website even includes a rundown on what you should use for what results, and when and how to take the protein for maximum effectiveness.

They also provide protein shakes by (RTD). These are premixed in a bottle and are ready to drink, replete with a good amount of supplemental nutrients to help consumers process the protein they take in most efficiently. They also provide ProMilk, with slightly less protein but more calories for those seeking to gain mass quickly.

Their spokesman advises: “Use milk instead of water, this makes a huge difference to the taste. Just remember to take into consideration all the extra calories if you’re on a lean bulk. If however, you’re on a regular bulk then the extra calories will work in your favour.”

These products add to an already extensive collection of weight loss products, meal replacements and protein bars, showing FitFreaks have all the nutrition you need whatever your fitness regime.

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