Fitlife Announces New Exclusive Heart Rate Training Technology for Members


Ivyland, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/19/2013 -- Always on the cutting-edge of industry-related fitness equipment, Fitlife announces they now utilize an exclusive heart rate training technology for their members in Ivyland, PA. The activity levels of many Fitlife members have been greatly impacted by MyZone, the exclusive heart rate training technology. The system has been in place for just over two months and Fitlife members have been responding positively to it. The feedback on the new technology has been positive. MyZone allows Fitlife members to have better workouts and the best part about Myzone is that even the most novice exerciser can use the MyZone fitness belt.

Recent statistics have come out and shown that in the month of June. Fitlife members have burned over 442,831 calories, exercised for over 887 hours, and earned 103,545 MEPS (MyZone Energy Points). Fitlife has found these statistics to be very impressive and motivating, given the fact that the performance training center is only in the second consecutive month of using the MyZone belts. By using MyZone, members can see how hard they are working out, making them more accountable to exercising every day. Because MyZone is so addicting, Fitlife members are skipping fewer workouts and dedicating themselves to getting to the performance center.

Fitlife is also pleased to announce that during their summer challenge, the company was able to raise over $400 for the MS Foundation and the Fitlife MS City to Shore Bike team that will be participating in the event, taking place later in the fall. Along with being dedicated to helping members achieve outstanding fitness goals, Fitlife is also dedicated to reaching out to the surrounding Pennsylvania community and raising money to increase awareness for the MS Foundation.

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