Fitlife Now Offering Personalized Performance Training for Summer 2014


Ivyland, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/23/2014 -- Fitlife continues to offer personalized Performance Training regimens that deliver specific results for their clients. With specialized services like MyZone, which allows people to track their progress in several areas, those who choose Fitlife over programs such as Crossfit in Bucks County see better overall results from their workouts.

Fitlife’s programming is similar to Crossfit, but they consider it much better for adults because it focuses on safer movements that don’t strain the body and push it to perform tasks it is not ready for. Fitlife’s staff devises scalable techniques that are built around the client’s needs. During a free fitness consultation and questionnaire conducted when a client signs on at Fitlife, the staff gathers all the information they need to give the client a well-rounded, customized workout routine that works perfectly for them.

Crossfit promises random workouts and programs, but this practice has been shown, unsurprisingly, to produce random results. Both Crossfit and Fitlife are functional training workouts, but Fitlife’s goal is a targeted approach that produces a difference clients will notice every day.

Try Fitlife’s 21 Day Challenge, an accelerated program that guarantees significant weight loss in just 3 weeks. The challenge combines fun, quick exercises that burn the maximum amount of calories, nutritional guidance and meal planning, coaching by proven experts on staff, weekly workouts with award winning Fitlife trainers and coaches, and a weekly seminar and way in to track the participants’ progress.

For more information on what makes Fitlife’s personalized Performance Training superior to Crossfit in Warminster, visit them online or call 215-716-1298.

About Fitlife
Located in Ivyland, PA, Fitlife provides award-winning training programs that improve the quality of many individuals’ lives. By committing time and energy to improving overall health and athletic ability, individuals involved with Fitlife will overcome any challenges or obstacles that may be faced in life. Over the years, Fitlife has worked with thousands of clients from all walks of life, no matter how experienced or how new they are to the world of fitness. Fitlife uses a training method that is based upon lifestyle enhancement or the belief that whatever you do in your life, a trainer or coach can help you do it better.

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