Fitlife Now Offering Weight Management Programs for Spring 2014


Ivyland, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/24/2014 -- Fitlife is now offering weight management programs for spring 2014. It’s been a long winter and the region has been in hibernation. Those who let their diet and exercise programs fall by the wayside the last few months need not feel bad – it happens to everyone. Luckily, Fitlife has a specialized system in place to help people get back into their fitness regimens. When the weather gets warmer everything gets easier. Use this newfound energy to get healthy and feel good at affordable prices.

Weight loss in Warminster begins with diet. Fitlife believes diet is the first brick in the healthy lifestyle wall. Their staff provides expert individualized advice for each customer. The program starts with an initial consultation where a food log is created to help track diet habits. After the consultation, dieters participate in a one hour individual session and half hour follow up before joining a customized group nutrition workshop to meet their specific needs.

This program also offers individual or group grocery store training. There are so many choices in the grocery store today and so many products making various health and weight loss claims. Fitlife helps participants decipher what they need in their diets and navigate the confusing world of nutrition.

Fitlife can work around their customers’ busy schedules. Home nutrition counseling includes pantry, freezer, and refrigerator makeovers, which make initial lifestyle changes easier. Virtual consultations come in the form of monthly email support or individual sessions conducted at the customer’s leisure by phone, face time, or online chat.

When their diets are in place, participants are encouraged to take advantage of Fitlife’s dedicated personal training services at their fitness center in Southampton, PA.

For more information visit Fitlife online or call 215-716-1298.

About Fitlife
Located in Ivyland, PA, Fitlife provides award-winning training programs that improve the quality of many individuals’ lives. By committing time and energy to improving overall health and athletic ability, individuals involved with Fitlife will overcome any challenges or obstacles that may be faced in life. Over the years, Fitlife has worked with thousands of clients from all walks of life, no matter how experienced or how new they are to the world of fitness. Fitlife uses a training method that is based upon lifestyle enhancement or the belief that whatever you do in your life, a trainer or coach can help you do it better.

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