FITLIFE Offering Comprehensive Nutrition Counseling to Encourage Weight Loss


Ivyland, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/12/2018 -- FITLIFE, headquartered in Warminster, PA, is proud to offer comprehensive nutrition counseling and personal training in Southampton. With the basic understanding that diet is one of the key components to experiencing a healthier lifestyle, FITLIFE has begun offering individual consultations for weight loss. The individual consultation includes the following: An initial consult with Food Log, Individual Session (1 hour), Individual Follow-up (30 minutes), and Group Class (30 minutes to an hour).

In addition to individual consultations, FITLIFE will offer Grocery Store Training to help members make better choices at the supermarket. With many people being overwhelmed by the number of choices and the ambiguous and manipulative means of marketing healthy foods in grocery stores, it can take a keen sense and trained eye to decipher healthy items from non-healthy items. Class options include an Individual Session (1.5 hours) and Group Class (up to 6 adults, 1.5 hours).

Beyond individual consultations and Grocery Store Training, FITLIFE will also provide Home Nutrition Counseling as a more personalized approach to diet management. FITLIFE nutritionists visit homes to provide individual and family counseling, and can also perform pantry, freezer, and refrigerator "makeovers" to improve the quality of foods and educate families on better buying habits. The individual session consists of one hour of counseling.

For those people with hard-to-manage schedules, FITLIFE can perform one-on-one virtual consultations. These nutrition consults can be done over the phone, online, through Facetime, or with any other voice/video communication application. Individual sessions last one hour and the program includes monthly email support.

With some of the most distinguished personal trainers in Southampton in their employ, FITLIFE is setting the bar high as a premier fitness organization, offering a wide breadth of programs and services for the improved health of their members.

To contact FITLIFE, visit or call 215-716-1298. For any additional questions or inquiries, fill out a contact form.

Located in Ivyland, PA, FITLIFE provides award-winning training programs that improve the quality of many individuals' lives. By committing time and energy to improving overall health and athletic ability, individuals involved with FITLIFE will overcome any challenges or obstacles that may be faced in life. Over the years, FITLIFE has worked with thousands of clients from all walks of life, no matter how experienced or how new they are to the world of fitness. FITLIFE uses a training method that is based upon lifestyle enhancement or the belief that whatever a person does in their life, a trainer or coach can help them do it better.