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Fitness and Wellness to Fight the Flu


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/15/2013 -- As the seasons shift, the inevitable advertisements regarding remedies, cures and vaccinations for the flu begin to appear. While some routinely receive the immunization, and others shun it, experts recommend keeping up with fitness and wellness routines can aid in preventing the spread of the flu, and can shorten its duration for those who catch it.

Up to 20 percent of the population will contract the flu. While healthy habits such as hand washing and proper nutrition, physical activity can assist in the battle against illness. Those finding themselves resting and relaxing too much on the couch may end up getting stuck there if a cold or flu does strike.

Those who exercise consistently find their susceptibility to illness is greatly reduced, and their improvement is quicker when they do succumb thanks to their body’s improved immunity and ability to fight off infection. There are many reasons exercise aids in fighting illness, one is due to increased acceleration of body systems and heart rate. This increased circulation pumps blood containing white blood cells through the body, enabling it to attack germs before they get a chance to strike, and fight them off quicker when they begin to take hold.

Increased body temperature during a workout is also said to aid in fighting germs. When sick, the body responds by increasing body temperature to burn off the germs. The same thing happens during exercise, with the increased temperature burning off infectious agents before they can make their mark. Increased sweat during a workout also assist by purifying the body and ridding it of toxins, and the additional water one consumes through exercise aids in blood flow and helps support the body’s immune system.

This doesn’t mean one has to jump right into running miles a day or taking a hardcore boxing class as soon as flu season hits. A simple daily walk, jog, or trip up the stairs can help non-exercisers get started, and eventually advance to more active routines to fight off the flu before it starts.

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