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Fitness by Mark Resolves to Combat Rising Gym Prices Through Cheap Training Sessions


Sunshine Coast, Queensland -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/27/2015 -- People living near Sunshine Coast, Australia have discovered how hard it is to keep up with their gym memberships. The rising prices make it extremely hard for one to keep a regular gym membership. Therefore, people are opting for personal trainers instead. The thing about personal trainers is that even though it may, at first, appear that they charge more, they offer a much better value for money than gym trainers. Take Sunshine Coast, for example. Sunshine coast gyms charge a huge amount for monthly membership. Yet, they are unable to provide the customized training that personal trainers give. On the other hand, personal trainers charge minimally more and are about to develop a weight loss and fitness regime tailor made for their clients.

Fitness by Mark is amongst the foremost personal training services at sunshine coast . With the help of PlayFitness, Mark is able to provide a personal training program which concentrates on the needs of a healthy body. Mark believes that every body is different and needs an approach to weight loss and fitness which is fine-tuned to it. Therefore, Mark begins by familiarizing himself with his client's body and how it works. He takes into account measurements, cholesterol levels, fat, the person's health history and their weight. After determining all factors, he comes up with a unique and customized fitness regime for each client.

Mark also believes that the four walls of a gym tend to restrict the training. Therefore, he believes that personal training must be conducted out in the open so that people can breathe in the fresh air, be allowed to move around wherever they please and there are no hindrances in the training. Moreover, being outdoors increases the possibilities and can allow one to do much more than is normally possible within the gym. It is quite obvious that Mark definitely is amongst the best personal trainer in sunshine coast.

Visit Mark's official website to learn more about the services he provides and how one can contact him. True to his conviction of offering cheap training sessions, the first session with him will be free of cost.

About Fitness by Mark
Fitness by Mark vows to combat the expensive and limiting trend of training within the fur walls of a gym by allowing people to hire personal trainers at lower prices. Moreover, the aim is to get people in a great shape. Mark develops his fitness regime by carefully studying the client's body.

Company name: Fitness by Mark
State and country: Sunshine Coast, Queensland