Fitness by the Sea

Fitness by the Sea: A Summer Camp with a Heart

Summer Camps had been evolving as generations go by. Before, camps would only include activities such as canoeing, hiking and campfires. These days, however, children, young adults, and even parents have a lot of options in choosing the activities they would participate in and enjoy.


Pacific Palisades, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/27/2014 -- According to the American Camp Association (ACA), there are about 12,000 camps in the US which are being attended by 11 million children and adults. But among these 12,000 choices, which would be the best to support and cultivate each camper’s individual needs?

One highly-recommended Summer Camp in the US based on recent surveys, is Fitness By the Sea (FBS) which caters to numerous outdoor and indoor activities to campers basing on their ability, skills and interests. It does not only provide activities at sea such as swimming and surfing, but it also boasts of its countless events one can enjoy on camp while taking in consideration the safety of their campers.

FBS puts Growth, Caring and Endless Fun on their list in providing great memories and experiences to campers which they can bring anywhere they go. The camp makes sure that the staff and campers are treated like family. They also provide an excellent learning environment especially for the kids since FBS believes that children interact and respond based on what they see on their mentors and role-models. Thus, staff and lifeguards are trained to show good demeanour to be good examples to children campers.

For parents, it is always best to trust a Summer Camp which treats children as their own. That is what FBS is good at. Making sure that the children are in good hands while interacting and having fun. They make sure that the children’s activities fit their physical, mental and emotional well-being. Of course, the safety of the children is their top priority. Buddy System is implemented on the entire camp to ensure that there will be no way one child will be alone at any moment inside the camp. Campers are also required to wear brightly coloured camp uniforms so as to easily be identified by the staff and the lifeguards. Camp boundaries are also well-defined to ensure that non-campers will be easily spotted inside the camp.

They created fun and interesting activities that will suit children of all ages. They boasts of around 80 different activities which nurture the children’s minds and well-being. FBS summer camp believes that personal growth is key in developing independence, sportsmanship, creativity, self-discipline, determination and courage. Indeed, fun and learning never stops at FBS!

About Fitness By The Sea
Founded in 2000, Fitness by the Sea has become synonymous with excellence in the field of day camps. The FBS formula for success blends an experienced and spirited staff (average age 28) with dynamic and creative activities, offered in an encouraging, nurturing environment. Their emphasis is on friendship, fun, and personal growth. They offer five different locations in southern California, with a special discount for Palisades North, which offers… the same fun, spirit, and safety as our other locations … they’re just smaller!