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Fitness Celebrity Wesley Virgin Partners with TechieDIY.com to Release Weight Loss & Fitness Mobile App Guide.

Providing a unique take on diet and fitness among the smartphone and tablet ‘era’, Wesley Virgin has teamed up with TechieDIY.com to produce a guide that literally puts the power of better health in users’ hands.


Santa Rosa, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/07/2013 -- Due to his highly acclaimed ‘7DayFitness’ weight loss program, Wesley Virgin has shot to fame as one of the United States’ most in-demand fitness celebrities. Getting 2013 off to a truly fat-fighting start, TechieDIY.com is delighted to announce a partnership with the star as they launch their compelling new mobile app guide.

Titled ‘Top Diet & Fitness Apps Guide: For Android & Apple Mobile Devices’, the publication teaches readers how to utilize the latest mobile app technology and get in shape. Featuring ten of the most effective health and fitness apps currently on the market, the guide proves that technology could hold the key to overcoming weight loss struggles.

“We’re delighted to be partnering with Wesley for this guide. It teaches people that, with the right apps, you can download workouts for the gym or home designed by fitness professionals. You can learn how to properly perform exercises if you’re a beginner, or improve the efficiency of your workouts if you’re a fitness veteran. Try new exercises by watching video demos, design and schedule your own custom workout plan, analyze your progress and make adjustments, all from your phone,” says Tom Litchfield, Managing Director of TechieDIY.com.

He continues, “Many mobile device users don't realize that the iPhone they hold in their hand, or the Android tablet they use to read books is one of the best weight loss and fitness tools they own. According to Wes, for most of us, getting in shape requires all the help we can get. In today’s day and age of mobile devices and 24/7 online connectivity, we now have a new breed of fitness tools not available to us just a few years ago.”

Litchfield’s vast experience among the mobile device market has confirmed that almost users are adopting the benefits the technology affords.

“Since most people already carry around a phone in their pocket or handbag every day, they can leverage these types of devices to make informed, healthy choices at restaurants and stores, plan meals and get motivation anytime its needed. People can use apps in their workouts and watch demos of new exercises, create and plan custom workouts, get stats and track progress, even cool down with yoga,” he adds.

With Virgin’s name attached to the products, eBooks are expected to sell fast. Due to the demand, Litchfield and his team have decided to initially offer the guide for free; downloadable from their company website.

When launched through Amazon in the coming days, the guide will initially cost $2.99.

To get your hands on a free copy before it’s too late, visit: http://www.techiediy.com/weight-loss-apps

For more information on Wesley Virgin, visit: http://www.wesleyvirgin.com/

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