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Fitness Expert, Lisa Rooney Releases 'Everyone Has a Six-Pack' - a Myth-Busting Book for Abs

Lisa Rooney wants to make one thing clear – every single person has the muscle they require to develop a firm and sexy six-pack. With Rooney’s new book, ‘Everyone Has A 6 Pack’, the fitness guru showcases revolutionary abdominal workouts and a complementary carb-cycling diet, offering rock-hard results to readers of all shapes and sizes.


San Mateo, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/28/2013 -- The six-pack has long been known as the Holy Grail of fitness. Millions attempt to achieve it, often using all the wrong methods and working out under the misconception that they do not have the required muscle mass. In her smart and bold new book, fitness leader and nutritionist, Lisa Rooney, reveals that every gym-goer and exerciser has the six-pack muscle – it’s just a matter of finding it under the fat.

“I work in the medical field in Radiology and see the insides of people every day,” says Rooney. “What's common is that no matter the size of the patient, everyone has a muscle. What differs is the amount of tissue or fat sitting on that muscle. So, guess what? You may not know it, but you do have what it takes.”


You’ve already got the abdominal muscle that you need to sport a sexy 6-pack body. Yes, that even means you – even if you can’t see them right now! In her latest publication, renowned fitness expert and nutritionist, Lisa Rooney, is going to guide you on the path to unveiling your incredible abs! Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned fitness veteran, Lisa’s program implements short, but highly effective interval training methods that will help you shed fat fast.

By combining the program with the advanced carb cycling diet method- you will soon be sporting your very own 6-pack body! Not only will Lisa show you how to ignite your metabolism, she’ll also teach you abdominal workouts for sculpting and revealing your abs that will keep your 6-pack in place for good. If you’re ready for a new, fit, healthier, 6-pack body, Everyone Has a 6 Pack is a must read!

As the author explains, her book approaches exercise and nutrition in a logical, fact-driven way.

“My book combines methods of carb cycling with high-intensity interval workouts to shed the layer of fat covering the abdominal muscle. Each move is demonstrated by myself and model Frank Jones. I also dive into the most common six-pack questions and secrets - allowing anyone to implement the program no matter their schedule or circumstances.”

Since its release, the book has garnered a string of rave reviews.

“This is a must read, Lisa does an outstanding job of simplifying a complex subject. The book covers all the key points and puts them in a very easy to understand format. I wish I could have had this book years ago it would have saved me so much time. If you want results, get this book, read it and follow the great advice that Lisa put together,” says one reader, reviewing the book on Amazon.

Anne Violette was equally as impressed, adding, “I was pleasantly surprised and delighted that the author uses really great strategies that I can do in just a few minutes a day. I don't have to waste money by joining a gym (and who has time when you have kids)... and she offers some nutritional advice too. I used to be really into fitness and this book brought me back to that glimmer of hope I once had to see my abs again.”

‘Everyone Has A 6-Pack: The Complete Guide to Revealing Your Abs’ is available now for all e-reader devices.

For more information, visit: http://www.lisarooney.com.

Celebrity Endorsement:
“Lisa Rooney’s book is a must read if you want to finally achieve your fat loss and fitness goals. She is motivational, charismatic, and passionate about helping all look and feel their best – and yes, get the six pack abs that they have always dreamed of!”

Jennifer Nicole Lee, Bestselling author, Fitness Celebrity and Creator of the JNL Fusion Workout Method.

About the Author:
“I’m Lisa Rooney. As a nutrition and fitness expert, I have witnessed first hand just how difficult metabolism and fat loss can be. I’ve decided to write fitness, exercise, and weight loss books because I want to help you achieve the same success that I have been able to accomplish!

In the world of fitness, everyone claims they can help you achieve the perfect body, but few programs actually yield results. That’s about to change. I’m different and so is my program – it really works! I want to help you lose that extra weight and I know I can help you do just that if you follow the simple steps that I’ve outlined in my book.

So, how do I know what it takes to become fit? In my early 20’s I reached the point where I was ready for a change. I challenged myself to get fit and become healthier and I’ve never been happier! I’ve also learned the ins and outs of physical transformation through my degree in science and my medical field background in radiology. I understand the precise steps that you need to take in order to achieve the body you want and now I’m using my expertise to help others, like you, lead healthier and happier lives!

Adopting fitness as a way of life can be extremely challenging. I’ve been through the yo-yo progress and have learned beneficial ways to prevent that from happening to you. That’s why my writing focuses on helping you manage the mentality of changing, easier ways to adopt habits, and how you can make your physical transformation last for life.

It won’t necessarily be easy, but it will be well worth your time. You deserve to look and feel your best and I’m about to help you do it! “