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Fitness Experts Advocate Body-Weight Exercises over Machines


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/17/2013 -- “If more people knew you could get a good physique using your body as a barbell, they could take matters into their own hands,” advised author Bret Contreras. His book, “Bodyweight Strength Training Anatomy,” has been guiding readers to better health and physical fitness through the use of their own body versus using any man-designed weight training machine.

While often thought of as a mere “stepping stone” to more vigorous weight training exercises, using the body as resistance provides an overall toning, strengthening, and cardio workout in one fell swoop rather than combining the use of different machines for different muscles, and then a long run or other activity for cardio conditioning.

Once a person masters the staple body-weight training exercises, advancement can be done by simply adding weights or resistance bands, or even incorporating living room furniture to change the position or challenge the balance the exercise requires.

The advantage of body-weight training is that it can be done anywhere, anytime, and encourages participants into natural movements rather than forcing them to adapt to machine restrictions. These natural movements are great for improving overall mobility, stability, and creating movement patterns that one engages in during everyday activity.

Another proponent of this training style, Jessica Matthews of the American Council on Exercises, advises body-weight exercises blend well with the movement towards functional strength training, or training that mimics everyday movements as opposed to the older bodybuilder style workouts.

“Our body is one kinetic chain, everything moves together, so most everyday exercises will move multiple muscle groups,” she explains. Because of this, body-weight exercises can be adapted to focus more on building muscle, or toning with added cardiovascular benefits.

While machines are not necessarily a thing of the past, this new focus and style of fitness offers a lower intimidation factor to new exercisers and a challenge for athletes of all levels. If looking to change up the pace of a workout, many experts recommend adding a few body weight exercises to challenge and tone the whole body rather than just one target area.

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