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Fitness Gifts for Holidays and New Year's Resolutions


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/04/2013 -- Christmas is a season followed by new goals and resolutions, many of which involve a person making healthier lifestyle choices, including adding physical activity to their daily routines. To compliment these goals, there are a variety of popular gifts for the fitness or health-minded person or anyone needing a nudge to get started with wellness activity.

While workout clothing is a popular choice, many people like to make the decision of what they wear on their own. Instead, look into fitness support devices or even gym memberships as gifts for those interested in working on their wellness. is currently offering a one year pass that lets the receiver try one class free at participating studios in their residential area. This is a great gift for someone who’s always wanted to try yoga or get a gym membership, but wasn’t sure about the cost or commitment to the right place.

For those looking to start working out and need a reminder of how well they’re doing, the Jawbone Up device tracks sleep and eating patterns, as well as activity levels and even mood changes. The data from the band syncs with an online or smartphone application that allows the person to review the information and make changes to their routine. Other devices that perform similar functions are the FitBit device, and BodyBugg, both with similar features and tracking functions. Great for a person wanting to get started and monitor how far they are progressing.

Another option for those who love walking are Injinji Sport OTC socks that keep feet and calves protected during winter walks or jogs outdoors. They can also be worn with casual clothing to add a layer of warmth when sledding, skiing, or engaging in other outdoor winter activities.

Anyone starting a new workout regimen will experience muscle soreness. Gaiam offers a flax seed and rice filled wrap that can be heated for warmth, or put in the freezer to provide cooling to sore muscles and joints. The additional lavender scent is calming after an exercise routine, which is beneficial for the mind and the body.

For the fitness enthusiast or beginning exerciser, the holiday season offers plenty of products to help get one started on living healthier and happier in 2014.

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