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Fitness Hype Publishes How to Lose Body Fat Ebook for Those Who Have a Busy Life

The new title is designed to create an effective weight loss regime that can be packed into small, efficient bursts to prevent scheduling conflicts for the busy and ambitious.


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/09/2013 -- Weight loss is a huge preoccupation in the public consciousness, with talk of obesity epidemics and serious health concerns related to carrying excess weight making people paranoid about piling on the pounds. Whether individuals want to stay trim or lose bulk, there are a thousand and one diets out there claiming to provide the results people want, yet the problem still remains. Fitness Hype is a website that takes a practical, common sense approach to fitness and weight loss, and has now published a celebrated Ebook entitled “Weight Loss For People Who Have A Life”. The new publication has been getting rave reviews from early adopters of the approach.

The book describes the shortcomings of most popular diets, the effect of excess weight not only on health but on emotional stability and career prospects, and goes on to provide a practical guide to weight loss using a combination of nutrition and exercise that users can easily calibrate to fit their goals and their schedule.

The book explains how to lose body fat quickly and effectively (though never claims to be easy) and gives a ‘burn fat build muscle’ approach that will not only help people get thinner, but experience more vitality and good health in the process.

A spokesperson for Fitness Hype explained, “Most diets, indeed most weight loss strategies of any kind take a fundamentally broken and inhuman approach to losing weight, and that isn’t hyperbole. It’s based on a tradition of self-denial that people simply don’t accept anymore without a higher power enforcing some kind of punishment for indulgence. Instead, this weight loss book talks about how instead of making sacrifices, individuals can take pro-active steps to start burning fat using maximum interval training techniques that emphasize fat loss without taking hours to complete. It’s a system that unlike diets is set up to succeed so readers can get on with their lives.”

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