Fitness Industry Is Hiding the Best Way to Lose Weight Says the Author of the 3 Week Diet


Utica, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/23/2014 -- The recently released diet system ‘The 3 Week Diet’ has gained immense attention not only for its innovative diet plan but also for sharing common misconceptions and ineffective tips that are floating around all over the world. According to the author of the money-back guaranteed system the fitness industry makes a lot of money by misleading individuals on how to lose weight yet it does not share the best way to do so.

The 3 Week Diet available via www.DroppingFatPounds.com is inclusive of 4 manuals – an introduction manual, diet manual, workout manual and a special mindset & motivation manual. The system is centered around one major aspect of losing weight which is often neglected that is boosting the metabolism. However, even those who are aware of the importance of metabolism often struggle, that is because according to the author boosting metabolism requires a specific strategy which varies from one body to another.

The 3 Week Diet, which contains 15-minute high-intensity exercises, outlines a simple easy-to-follow plan which can help individuals lose significant weight in 21 days. The science-based system has helped people lose 12 to 23 pounds and most importantly helped them maintain their weight as well.

The author, who has been a fitness expert since 1999, informs that the 3 Week Diet is not only the best way to lose weight but is an overall healthy body system. In simply 21 days the system increases energy, improves cholesterol levels, increases muscle tone, boosts metabolism and offers many other health benefits.

Upon asking why the fastest way to lose weight is kept secret and not shared the author replies that the fitness and health industry has become economically driven like many other industries in this capitalism based world. He further added that losing weight rapidly and maintaining weight is actually much simpler than people think, but the only problem is that the general public is unaware of what to eat and what to not eat. The author also informed that common weight-loss technique of cutting down calories and exercising more is very ineffective and that losing weight fast actually requires eating consistently and making healthier choices.

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DroppingFatPounds.com is the official website of the recently launched innovative weight-loss system ‘The 3 Week Diet’. The author of the diet system has been a fitness expert since 1999 and has created the guaranteed diet plan after thorough research and personal experiences. The 3 Week Diet which can be purchased through DroppingFatPounds.com has helped individuals lose 12-23 pounds in 21 days without excessive exercise and unnecessary food intake reduction.

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