Fitness Life Marketing

Fitness Life Marketing Offers Health Clubs a Well Executed Marketing Plan to Enroll 75 to 150 New Members


Augusta, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/04/2013 -- Focusing on those who are serious about starting a professional weight loss program rather than just joining a health club with a “wing it approach” Fitness Life Marketing has come up with a mid-line priced weight loss membership to fill a void that’s been overlooked. The “Value Added Membership” is priced at $49.95 to $69.95 per month for 24 months and is sure to provide a new market share, members and revenue as well as training on how to implement the well-thought out program. “We want our clients to keep producing new sells on a regular basis. We’re not looking for a one time boost here.” said John Rogers, CEO of Fitness Life Marketing.

Focused on increasing membership as well as feeding new leads to the Personal Training department for viable upgrades Fitness Life Marketing encourages this no out of pocket expense easily implemented marketing campaign for weight loss. Offering a dual strategy of nutrition and fitness that’s tailored to client’s needs for a lifetime of maintenance the program is equipped to monitor and update the progress of each member assuring ongoing program sales.

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