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Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/08/2013 -- There is a revolution brewing in the fitness fashion industry. Clothing materials have advanced to be able to remove sweat from skin to keep you dry, and advancement in protective wear has provided a shield against the cold, rain, and snow. The new revolution is moving towards “clever clothing,” featuring self-cleaning jackets and gloves that recognize toxins, and even ski jackets equipped with navigational devices to make finding the wearer easy in case of an emergency.

While these types of clothing are in the developmental stage, the idea is interesting. Another development is a specific type of “fitness shirt” which measures physiological signals to determine how hard a person is working at any time during their exercise regimen. Changes in heart rate, breathing patterns, and other measurements can help measure stress load and physical output in the wearer.

The electronics are integrated into the material of the shirt, and a band similar to a heart-rate monitor is worn around the person’s chest to capture activity information. An electronic unit is also worn to take snapshots of the activity, with the information the being uploaded to a program to calculate fitness levels, physical output, and other information.

Designers say the Fitness Shirt could be employed a number of ways. “It offers completely new options for the pursuit of sports, leisure activities, and wellness, as well as options for the medical branch,” said engineer Christian Hoffman. He suggests the device be used as a personal trainer or training partner for obese patients of seniors and rehabilitation candidates who need to monitor their activity and protect themselves from overexertion.

While still in development, and probably not available to the public for a while, the idea of clothing that can aid in the pursuit of a healthier lifestyle is an interesting development in the world of wellness.

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