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FitnessNerd Workout and Home Gym Equipment Reviews Simplify Fitness Pursuits


Metuchen, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/01/2015 -- is a website that has been recently launched for the purpose of informing people about the various workout and home gym equipment out there through in depth and comprehensive reviews. The reviews offered on the website are by a legitimate nerd who also happens to love health and fitness subject proving that these subjects are not mutually exclusive, the FitnessNerd is a type of person who likes to research and study up on everything and his reviews on are based on the information he has gathered to help readers.

The most recent review the Nerd has shared on the website was of the famous "Old School New Body" workout program. In the old school new body review the Nerd shares with reader the information he gathered from not only the internet and the source material but also from his own personal experience. The Old School New Body fitness program has been especially created for people over the age of 40 and as the name suggests the program uses a combination of old school techniques to deliver results. The nerd found the program to be effective.

Another topic of discussion was the need for home gym equipment. The nerd is an advocated of home gym equipment. In the post "Why bother with a home gym?" the nerd speaks in favor of investing in some essential gym equipment for use at home.

Nerd writes: "Ever go to the gym and find out that there is a wait for every machine you want to use? I would go right after work and this would happen to me ALL the time. My muscles would cool down between exercises and my workout would take twice as long as it should. Not to mention my enthusiasm would be taking a hit all the while."

These experiences motivated him to research and invest in his own personal home gym. He shares with readers his research and the final product that he purchased.

Next, "ever ask yourself if you need a workout plan" post takes readers on the nerd's pursuits of staying fit and looking good by working out, from his days as a college student to the present day 15 years later. The nerd believes that a workout plan is necessary at every age and also at various progress level because it provides structure to workouts which is not possible otherwise. He shares his picks of the workout plans that worked for him.

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