FitplusWell Provides Effective Treatment for Shin Splints Cure by Trained Professionals


Dun Laoghaire, Ireland -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/29/2014 -- FitplusWell provides an effective treatment for shin splints cure by their trained and experienced professionals. Since the most common form of shin splints has been an irritation and degeneration of the shin bone and the soft tissue attached to it, but it is not the only type of shin pain. The specialists at FitplusWell suggest patients have a diagnosis immediately, if they experience medial tibial stress syndrome or a stress fracture even while resting.

Their rehabilitation plans often included stretching and strengthening plans on paper and more recently video, but without the necessary tools to achieve better results. Now with their exclusive sale price for the month of April, also brings more advanced methods for stretching back, neck and shoulders better than traditional and conventional methods with the Core Stretch.

The store also provides Achilles Tendonitis treatment, a spokesperson from FitplusWell elaborates, “Stretching and Flexibility in the Achilles tendon is a long, strong tendon. To stretch the Achilles tendon effectively you must take your time and gradually stretch from one barrier to another. Start slowly and hold the stretch before increasing the stretch. Make sure to stretch before and after activity and prolonged sitting. Orthotics and heel supports such as heel cups can help correct mis-alignments taking pressure off inflamed muscles and tendons and relieving tightness and pain.”

They have even developed the site in such a way that customers can also share their story on how to overcome chronic pain, debilitating injuries or any other advice that members of the public would appreciate.

About FitplusWell
The store was launched in 2013 by Physical Therapist Mark O’Brien MIAPT. Mark wanted to make the rehabilitation process easier for his clients by offering practical and tangible solutions and continue the progress achieved at his clinic. All too often clients fail to take on the responsibility of rehabilitation at home or at work resulting in re-injury or failing to adequately overcome the initial injury. They believe they have sourced some of the best products available ranging from trigger point therapy, massage therapy, postural correction, stretching and strengthening to assist the work of one’s therapist.

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