Five Books Plus Bonus Now Available with Macro Wellness Movement Program Membership

When people sign up for the Macro Wellness Movement program, they now receive access to five complete e-books plus one bonus. Each book focuses on a specific area of health someone wishes to improve upon.


New Orleans, LA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/04/2014 -- Membership to the Macro Wellness Movement is now supplemented by five e-books plus one bonus e-book when people sign up for the program. There is absolutely no cost for signing up. In addition to a bonus book, Extreme Couponing Secrets Revealed, members have access to information on weight loss, total health and fitness, stress management, healthy eating, physical fitness, and smoking cessation.

To “Join The Macro Wellness Movement”, visitors can sign up with their email address, name, and selection of a specific health and fitness area they are looking to improve on. These include healthy eating, lowering glucose or blood pressure, lower the risk of heart disease and stroke, control and prevent diabetes, or learn how to grow organic vegetables. There are other areas of focus as well, while members have a choice of e-books to pick from and learn specific areas of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

The e-books offered by OGD Wellness, Health and Fitness include:

TCM Diet – Traditional Chinese Medicine Recipe Book

Based on the concept of food as medicine, this book explains various aspects of the energetic system that is the body and mind, or Qi. It stresses the interconnected nature of the body, its organs, and systems. The book is essentially based on Chinese medicine that has been passed down generations over thousands of years. It includes a number of herbal medicine concepts. With disharmony in the body, the result is illness and disease; this book aims to maintain harmony within.

Secret Tips & Tricks To Year Round Gardening

Tips are provided on growing food all year long using hydroponic gardening, in which plants grow using the proper nutrients, without soil. The book explains how to grow various healthy vegetables, fruits, and herbs. These can be used for cooking and as the solution to sustainable healthy eating.

Organic Gardening for Beginners/Up From The Ground

These two bonuses supplement the tips for year round gardening. Even those who have no experience can learn the tricks of organic gardening and to be self-sufficient while living a healthy lifestyle.

The Complete Compendium of Everything Related To Health & Wellness

Information from leading fitness teachers is compiled into an informative source on healthy lifestyles. The book covers eating, workouts and exercises, mind and body, carbs, diets, hormones and supplements, and more. Various holistic health secrets are explained to increase one’s overall wellness.

Bonus Book: Extreme Couponing Secrets Revealed

Providing a three-step guide, this bonus e-book promises its secrets can save one thousands of dollars every year. It provides a comprehensive guide on couponing and contradicts the common myth that healthy eating has to be expensive. In fact, users can save over 65% on their grocery bill by following the tips. The result is better food choices and more savings. Customers also have access to an Online Coupon Directory and thousands of coupon and promo codes.

These six e-book are available for free upon sign up for the Macro Wellness Movement program. Additional details on the titles are available at

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