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Five Days to a Healthy Life: New Diet Book Shuns Low Calorie/Carb Meals in Place of Whole Foods - Get the Skinny on This

Barbara Maida’s message is simple – diets promoting too few calories, carbs and fats only serve to throw metabolic system off kilter and rarely provide results. Through Maida’s powerful new five-day meal plan, readers will discover new whole foods that not only pack their punch in energy, but promote healthy and long-term weight loss.


Staten Island, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/12/2013 -- When it comes to losing weight and maintaining better health, many believe that the key is to consume as few calories, carbs and fats as possible. However, Holistic Health Counselor Barbara Maida has a bold message – doing this will force your metabolic system to alter its rhythms and you won’t lose weight!

Instead, Maida promotes a diet of whole foods that, while they may first appear to contain too many calories, actually promote healthy weight loss that keep the body’s systems in order.

Everything is exposed in ‘Five Days to a Healthy Life’, Maida’s ground-breaking new book.


This is not just a diet book to lose weight. It is a 5 day program that will show you how to simply plan out a daily menu to help you start a healthy lifestyle program. You will learn how to balance out a daily menu to improve your health and wellbeing while losing weight. Contains over 50 healthy easy to prepare recipes.

As the author explains, her book contains an abundance of foods that taste as delectable as they look.

“There’s over fifty breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks to choose from. Readers can build their own weekly menu and adjust it as and when they want to try new foods. The end results will see anyone looking better, feeling better and ultimately increasing their overall health – this simply can’t be done by following a diet that promotes eating as little as possible. The body needs fuel!” says Maida.

Continuing, “You need to eat whole natural foods to improve your health. You need to eat whole natural foods to lose weight. Whole foods are full of natural organic foods, eliminating processed foods full of chemicals preservatives and genetically modified foods is the way to a healthier life. Eating processed foods will eventually create a breakdown in your system that will culminate in disease and illness.”

Maida doesn’t just preach – she has actively worked with clients of all ages to change their eating habits and ultimately change their lives.

“I run a very popular health counseling service with the motto ‘awareness is the first step to change’. A little guidance is all people need to dramatically change their lives. My book and my personal one-on-one services can provide this. I also maintain a very popular blog that is read by people all over the world,” she adds.

To check out Maida’s services, blog or to download her book, visit: http://wholebodyawareness.com.

About the Author
Barbara has spent the past twenty five years exploring the relationship of food to our physical and emotional health. Barbara began her career at the French Culinary Institute where she learned to cook and prepare classic French Food. Her love of food took Barbara in many directions which included working in restaurants to owning her own catering company. Barbara then began to study nutrition and holistic health and while doing so she realized that the connection of emotions and the impact that they have on our health. Furthering her education she started studying psychology, hands on energy work and herbal remedies to improve her clients emotional health which in turn makes a healthy body. Her focus is relaying all the information that she has learned in her many years of training to her clients. Barbara works with her clients to help them to achieve their goals through nutrition, bodywork, psychotherapy, meditation and prayer.

Barbara is the former owner of Inches a Weigh a Weight Loss and Exercise Center for Women. She is currently in private practice and is the President of Whole Body Awareness.