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Five Former Addicts Tell Their Riveting Stories of Inspiration and They Are Now Available for Kindle

The fierce struggle to battle and recover from addiction plays out in millions of lives across the United States everyday and often the stories that come from these struggles are some of the most riveting and inspirational that can be found anywhere.


Boca Raton, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/11/2012 -- Dee Cohen, LCSW, has recently interviewed several best-selling authors who have battled addiction and who each have an inspiring story to tell about addiction and recovery. These stories have been included in a new book, Beyond Addiction that is now available for Kindle and other readers.

Anyone who feels trapped in a life filled with unhappiness, pain and addiction will find solace in the stories of these five courageous individuals that can be found in the book, Five Personal Journeys Beyond Addiction for Kindle and on the companion Addiction Recovery Interviews website. The interviews cover a range of addictions and methods of recovery. Some individuals have taken the AA and NA route to fight addiction while others have chosen a different path. On the website and in the book readers will hear stories from:

Todd Zalkins, author of Dying for Triplicate: A True Story of Addiction, Survival and Recovery who battled and recovered from severe pain pill addiction. Todd was told by a medical director at a rehab facility that his case was one of the worst ever seen.

Dennis Marcellino, author of Addiction Free Forever, and former musician who fell into a life of drug addiction to mask severe emotional pain.

Amy Lee Coy, author of From Death do I Part: How I Freed Myself From Addiction, who battled addiction for 20 years without using AA or NA, but rather by finding non-traditional methods. According to Amy, “"People should know that if they do not find help in AA and that way of thinking about addiction, they are not doomed. Not everyone believes AA is a necessary tool toward sobriety.”

- Parker Lanier, who suffered from alcohol addiction and found in recovery a path to artistic expression that he continues with today and shares with others on the road to recovery.

- Pat Holloran, author of A Nurse's Story of Addiction and Recovery, who spent years hiding her addiction to the painkiller Stadol.

These inspirational stories are waiting to be read by those who battle addiction or those who are close to someone who does. They are firsthand accounts of people who have walked the walk, know all the tricks and forms of deception and yet recovered from their habits. They know the pain and they describe their journeys with clarity and compassion.

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Dee Cohen is a licensed social worker and certified yoga instructor and has been involved in internet marketing for many years. Her interest is in relaying each of these remarkable accounts so that others can benefit from Five Personal Journeys Beyond Addiction . Her Addiction Information Blog is a place to visit for articles and interacting with others to gain support on the journey.