Five Star Coffee "Crowdfunds" Single Cup Coffee Factory

Entrepreneurial Atlanta company to fill new recyclable single cup design that brews fresh, full-flavored 10 oz. cup in Keurig® type brewers.


Peachtree City, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/29/2015 -- Coffee enthusiasts will embrace FIVE STAR COFFEE's versatile, new JCUP™ (for Jumbo), which makes it simple to brew a full-flavored, full-size (10 oz.) cup of fresh coffee in their Keurig type brewer. It is also 100% RECYCLABLE which works well for the vast eco-friendly community. The JCUP™ is available from the FIVE STAR COFFEE FACTORY filled-to-order. Those who prefer to use their own coffee can purchase it unfilled. The new design has a unique self-sealing hinged lid which makes no mess and can be reused up to five times before recycling.

Founders Greg and Joy Alford developed their coffee passion when living in Seattle and created FIVE STAR COFFEE from scratch. To qualify for the coveted FIVE STAR rating all coffees are tightly vetted to "taste as good as they smell". Now, with their discovery of the JCUP™, they are confident they have a single cup format that delivers on taste and is kind to the planet. This is huge for coffee lovers and eco-enthusiasts, the harshest critics of K-style cups.

Lack of satisfying flavor is the biggest complaint from single cup users. K-type cups typically contain 9-12 grams of mass processed coffee, enough to brew a six oz. cup. When brewing into a larger cup, the coffee flavor is diluted. To address this issue, the JCUP™ design incorporates a full-depth filter that allows it to be filled with up to 15 grams (3 tablespoons) of coffee.

According to Alford, the fresh, filled-to-order JCUP™ has every advantage. He feels the golden era of mass roasted, mass filled and mass merchandised K-type cups is over. The FIVE STAR COFFEE FACTORY will be the model of the future. For this reason, they have chosen not to borrow from banks, family or friends but crowd fund their new filling equipment through the sale of artisan coffee PERKS via the INDIEGOGO platform. The INDIEGOGO MISSION is to empower people to fund what matters to them. Alford said, "it just seems right for earth friendly, coffee enthusiasts to help us start the revolution".

Visit the JCUPTM REVOLUTION CAMPAIGN at for direct access to an entertaining and informative story about the JCUPTM.

FIVE STAR COFFEE is a division of PEACHTREE COFFEE GROUP, LLC based in Peachtree City, GA. FIVE STAR offers a full line of small batch artisan grade coffees and selected gourmet breakfast items.

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