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Five Star Lead Pro Announces Review and Analysis of Javita Weight Loss Coffee Program

The Javita MLM program is often called a scam because it's so hard to make money at it, reports Five Star Lead Pro


Kirkland, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/16/2014 -- Five Star Lead Pro has just released its analysis of the Javita Weight Loss Coffee sales program. This analysis shows that that 95 percent of this program's sales reps lose money, which has given it a reputation for being a scam. It also explains why so many people are losing money and presents opinions on whether it's possible to get into the five percent who don't come out on the losing end.

"This is the latest in my series of reports on various MLM programs and why they often aren't what they're made out to be," said Michael Schumacher of Five Star Lead Pro. "In this one, I go into the Javita program in an in-depth way and explain all of its pitfalls. I also mention a different coffee program that I'm part of, Sisel Coffee, that doesn't have these pitfalls."

According to the analysis, there are a few main problems with Javita Weight Loss Coffee. One is its compensation plan. Like many MLM programs, it focuses heavily on building one's downline rather than actually selling the product. Not only that, it suggests pushing the opportunity to family and friends. The problem is that most people's families and friends aren't interested in getting into an MLM program, but would probably buy a few things. This leaves program participants with no real guidance about how to turn their participation into a serious business.

Schumacher's analysis goes on to say that Javita's product isn't made in the best way for what it's supposed to do. The product is coffee that has been infused with herbs and other ingredients meant to speed weight loss. Its beans, however, are roasted much like those of regular coffee. As green coffee bean lovers know, roasting removes many of the weight-loss causing ingredients from the coffee. It also burns the beans, which, according to Schumacher, may result in the creation of cancer-promoting compounds.

"Despite the potential issues with the product, they aren't the main reason so many people call the program a scam," said Schumacher. "Instead, it's because new reps are led to believe that there isn't much work involved in being successful at multi-level marketing. My group, on the other hand, doesn't give people these impressions. I teach exactly how to get real leads and keep them coming. I also let people know which programs are worth joining - and which ones to avoid."

As Schumaker's analysis of the Javita Weight Loss Coffee program shows, him and his company don't just stick to surface-level information. They examine the program, the product, and all of the other important factors in order to present an informed opinion. They also disclose any potential conflicts of interest so that everyone knows where they're coming from right from the start.

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