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Five Star Lead Pro Announces Upcoming Event to Review FGXpress MLM Program

Event will give the ins and outs of the FGXpress program and product, reports Five Star Lead Pro


Kirkland, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/09/2014 -- Five Star Lead Pro, a company offering MLM coaching and reviews of MLM plans, has announced a special event featuring FGXpress and its main product, Power Strips. This is one of the latest products to hit the MLM scene, so there is plenty of interest in whether it - and its program - work as advertised.

"Whenever something big comes along, I dig into it to see exactly what it's about," said Michael Schumacher, the proprietor of Five Star Lead Pro." I learn about the program's high points and pitfalls so that I can produce a webinar or other event that delves into the details. Of course, I also look at the product the company is putting out. If a product isn't any good, its sales program is sure to fail."

When it comes to FGXpress, the hook is fairly unique. The company's product is Power Strips pain relieving patches, which the FDA considers to be a "Class 1 medical device useful as a pain-relieving product." FGXpress claims that its herb-infused strips work differently than the other patches on the market. Most commonly-sold patches, it says, affect other bodily systems. This causes them to create both damaging and healing effects at the same time. Power Strips, on the other hand, are herb-infused and are said to not cause effects on the rest of the body.

Some of FGXpress' claims seem a bit out there, such as its statement that its blend of herbs create "waveform energy" to get the job done. This seems to be a way to say that the patches produce pain-relieving heat. However, things like that are sure to be of little or no concern to users as long as their pain stops. Therefore, as long as it works, the product should be solid.

"Once I get done looking at the product, I get into the specifics of the associated MLM program," Schumacher said. "My event is aimed toward those who are looking for a new program to promote and who want to know what to look out for if they get into it. They also want to know how to maximize their earnings. In MLM, the answer to the latter question usually isn't to directly sell more items. Instead, it's about building one's downline so that there are more people under you selling and sending up a percentage of those sales. This is just one of the big differences between MLM programs and standard sales methods."

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