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Five Star Painting Inc. Now Offering Wall Resurfacing and Removal of Wallpaper


Princeton, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/09/2013 -- Five Star Painting Inc., a leading commercial painter in Princeton, NJ, is pleased to announce they are now offering services for wall resurfacing and removal of wallpaper. Both services can be very difficult to accomplish without the right tools and it may save time and money to hire experienced professionals.

If selling a home, wallpaper can be a major turnoff to most home buyers. Wallpaper is a very personal choice and not easy to change or remove. When selling a home with wallpaper, it would be a good investment to have the wallpaper removed and the walls painted a neutral color. It’s considered a good investment because the wallpaper could deter a lot of potential homebuyers and the home could sit on the market longer than expected. When removing wallpaper, it can damage the drywall beneath. Five Star Painting Inc. not only has all the proper tools to remove wallpaper, but they also have the ability to resurface any damaged walls they may have occurred during the removal process. Five Star Painting Inc. will get the home ready for resale by removing all wallpaper, painting all of the rooms a neutral color and resurfacing any walls that have been damaged from general wear and tear, wallpaper removal, or holes in the walls from electronics.

When considering selling a home, contact the popular house painting company in Hamilton Square for a free estimate on wallpaper removal, painting, and wall resurfacing. It can make a big difference in the time the home sits on the market. It’s been proven that neutral painted homes sell faster than a home with a very personal and distinctive décor. It can save the homeowners money by hiring professionals to get the job done right, in an efficient and professional manner.

About Five Star Painting Inc.
The professional painting company of Princeton, New Jersey, takes pride in offering various painting options, whether it may be interior, exterior, custom, a new construction or even trying to match existing colors. Five Star Painting Inc. has the experience and expertise when it comes to exceeding property owner’s expectations. The team is equipped with some of the most creative designers that can change a room with a simple coat of paint. They service both New Jersey and Pennsylvania owners for small or large painting jobs.

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