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Five Steps About How to Correctly Wear and Install the CC Hair Extensions

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Qingdao, China -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/03/2013 -- When some clients received their human hair extensions after purchased them from website , they do not know how to properly wear or connect their hair extensions with their original hair. Frankly speaking, this problem should be very commonly among most of people especially for women who want to wear the beautiful hair extension.

In order to help consumers totally solve this boring problem, the manager from website would introduce with people the simply methods about how to wear the hair extensions. The operation of this method is very simple.

First, people should first open up the small clamp at the top of the black hair extension. The clip on the hair extension is generally manufactured by the stainless steel sheet which is with a certain degree of flexibility. The open process will be with a "popping" sound. In this process, people should pay more attention to the force which would be used on the clip.

Furthermore, people should first comb their hair in the fluently shape. However, the unkempt hair is not conducive to wearing the human hair extensions. This point is very crucial for people.

Thirdly, people should tie up one part of hair on the top part of their head. And then, people could open cheap clip in hair extensions black clamp and fix it at the position they want fix the human hair extension. The positioning process for the clamp should be carefully enough. Otherwise, the finally appearance could not meet people¡¯s need.

Fourth, in this step, people could put down their hair which has been tied before. And finally, in order to let appearance become more and more beautiful and hide the hair extensions, people need to comb their hair and the human hair extension again. In this case, the whole appearance of people who have worn the hair extensions could be a pleasure to the eye.

People should note that they could adjust the length of the hair extensions by their own. If people hope to make their hair length become longer than before, they could simply let the hair clip point and fixed position a little down.

However, people could determine their hair type by their own idea and mind. But, the main steps should depend on the above description. Otherwise, the failure would be close with people. If you want to purchase the high end human hair extensions, please visit website

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