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Five Ways Radio Advertising Will Change in 2014


Media, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/03/2013 -- New technology and millions of loyal radio listeners will change the way radio advertising is delivered in 2014. Mark Lipsky, president & CEO of The Radio Agency shares five ways radio marketers will tap these new opportunities.

iTunesRadio TIES APPS TO ADVERTISING – Apple’s entry into the online radio space has attracted tens of millions of listeners. Beginning in 2014, advertisers will be able to reach this audience with ads delivered, one-at-a-time, to listeners chosen based on their history of software app downloads. For example, a top-shelf, olive oil brand can serve ads only to iTunesRadio listeners who have downloaded a cooking or recipe app.

CREATIVE GEO-TARGETING THROUGH PANDORA – Pandora listeners provide their zip code when they sign up for the service. Creative marketers can slice-and-dice that data to create efficient radio targets. Insurance companies can sell flood insurance to listeners in coastal zips. Conservative causes can target “Red county” voter profiles. A Brooklyn retailer can advertise exclusively in Brooklyn, with zero waste across the New York metro.

COPY SPLITTING – Digital radio makes it easy to take a “one message fits all” approach and customize it to different audience segments. A 26-year old man has different buying triggers than a 51-year old woman, so why message “Adults 25-54” when you can message Men 26-33 AND Women 44-55 in the voice and style most likely to resonate and generate a sale. (Many terrestrial radio networks now enable copy splitting by geography, with different versions of a radio commercial sent via satellite to different regions.)

NATIONAL CAMPAIGNS AT LOCAL BUY PRICES – SiriusXM Satellite enabled national radio coverage on a local market budget. Now, national digital platforms Pandora, Slacker, iTunesRadio and others offer affordable, national CPMs that let you scale the size of the weekly budget. Spend $100K weekly across all platforms or manage a $5K/week budget.

BROWSER HISTORY TARGETING – New technology enables radio marketers to view an online listener’s “cookie pool” and then serve radio advertising to each listener based on their browsing history. Selling car insurance? Then target listeners who’ve visited an insurance site. 100% efficiency. 0% waste. There are thousands of qualifying categories to choose from, making digital radio a must-buy in 2014.

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