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FiveStead.Com and It'S Charitable Ways Setting an Example Through Good Corporate Social Responsibility

FiveStead.Com is a micro job and employment marketplace and community dedicated to helping buyers and sellers of small services connect and communicate. The company believes in corporate social responsibility and aligned with its value system the company has given all proceeds to date to Charity. Contrary to a typical business philosophy FiveStead.Com’s founders are not in business to make money but rather to help people that need services find them and at the same time provide work opportunities to people located around the world.


Toronto, Canada -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/13/2013 -- (FiveStead.Com), a business operating in the micro job and employment niche provides a marketplace for buyers and sellers of small services to communicate and complete mutually beneficial transactions that provide each party with value. Their online platform is clear to understand with intuitive navigation offering community members many specific categories where services can be marketed and located. Marketplace sellers are charged one of the lowest commission rates per transaction compared to other operators in this niche, buyers pay no fees for transactions and membership is free for both buyers and sellers.

“When it comes to expanding the global marketplace to provide opportunities for talented people worldwide we’re for it. We are not focused on generating revenue but rather helping people sell their services and find services that add value. Communication and working together is paramount to a healthier global society and we’re doing our part.” - Adriene Blais, Contributor

There are other micro job websites that provide similar services but there are differences between their operations, features and terms. FiveStead.Com has been donating all of its proceeds to charity; therefore, operating out of pocket. This has challenged the business to be more resourceful in its marketing endeavors because operating capital is scarce due to the fact that all commission earnings since the company has been founded have been donated to charity.

“Our policy is to donate ten percent of all sales commissions that we collect to charity on a semi-annual basis. We charge one of the lowest sales commissions in this niche market which makes ten percent realistic for us at this time. Because we are growing and have not generated many commissions we have been donating all commission earnings to charity. Our mission is to give back, enhance people’s lives with value and help people – not increase profits. The challenge for us is to achieve this while staying in business but we are dedicated and committed.” - Adriene Blais, Contributor

FiveStead.Com invites sellers and buyers of small services to become members of the community and participate in the marketplace. The online platform provides features such as job extras, instant downloads for digital products, shipping for tangible goods, video options and social sharing functionality to provide members the ability to market their own services. The organization is committed to improving its platform and views all feedback as a gift.

FiveStead.Com pledges to continue to make donations to charity during its operations and has no plans to discontinue its policy. In the future and as the organization grows it plans to increase the frequency and amount of donations.

Visit this community marketplace to learn more about its micro job services and how they enable people living around the world to work from home.

About FiveStead.Com
FiveStead.Com is based in Toronto Ontario Canada and operates globally through its website that offers buyers and sellers of small micro services a marketplace and community. The organization provides free membership and many tools that buyers and sellers can use to communicate and complete mutually beneficial transactions. Their online platform is open to people located all over the world as there are no geographic restrictions.


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