Fixed Heart Films Seeks Support from Kickstarter to Finance the Filming of 'Chasing Baja: The Javier Avila Documentary'.

An inspiring story and bad-ass thrill ride about Javier Avila, who built his own off-road race truck to compete in the Baja 500.


Huntington Beach, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/21/2014 -- “Chasing Baja” is an inspiring feature documentary and bad-ass thrill ride about Javier Avila, who built his own off-road race truck from scratch on his own dime. The film catches up with him as he aims to fulfill his dream of completing the Baja 500. Most extraordinarily, he's accomplishing all of this from a wheelchair.

This isn't some sappy, clichéd story about overcoming adversity. Jav doesn't know the meaning of adversity. This is more about stripping away excuses for not doing what people love and realizing that maybe it's not about overcoming obstacles, but simply ignoring them altogether.

Fixed Heart Films has been working on this documentary for over a year, and they feel like they are barely scratching the surface of who Jav is. They have so much more to learn, and the story will not be complete unless they witness him attempt his life dream, completing the Baja 500. For him, this is the holy grail of off-road racing, and Jav has yet to make it across that finish line. This project is an opportunity for the backers to make that happen, and allow Fixed Heart Films to film it.

The funding of this campaign is essential to enable Fixed Heart Films to finance the filming of the Baja 500 and the remainder of the documentary. They are only a three-person crew, and need additional camera operators, editors, and the essential equipment necessary to capture the single most important racing moment of Jav's life.

This project will only be funded if at least$12,500 is pledged by Wed, Apr 2 2014 8:30 AM +05:30.

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