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Fixtures Group Announcing a Year Long Celebration of 30 Years

Celebrating 16 years of doing business online and marking a yearlong celebration towards 30 years of providing display case solutions to retailers.


San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/11/2013 -- Fixtures Group - Beauty, Functionality, & Presentation - Fixtures Group - Announcing a landmark celebration for Fixtures Group, in its' growth and service.  Celebrating its' 16th year in business online, its' 29th year in business, and marking a year long celebration towards 30 years of display case solutions.

In the retail sector it is more of a rare occurrence to see longevity.  Over the course of the last few years, many in the display, fixture, showcasing industry have become victims to the economy.  That is why the yearlong celebration for Fixtures Group.  Fixtures Group is celebrating its customers, industry, and tomorrow as it marches toward the 30th year.  All are invited along at this time!

Beauty, Functionality, and Presentation, these are the solutions that customers seek and need.  Retailers look upon their showroom and every square inch of it as a profit center.  The layout and presentation is critical for their advancement and success with customers.  Fact is in retail there is a system and science to display, outlay, and presentation.  From the type of showcasing, positioning, and lighting, these critical elements will drive sales for retail stores.

No matter the retail environment, customers will react precisely to how you tell them.  It's all in your presentation.  It will build the atmosphere, ambiance, and tone of the entire showroom.  Shelving and showcasing will immediately draw the attention of the consumer, or simply become a lost liter of store space.  Store set-up and presentation should be the number one concern of any retailer.  It is in the presentation of products for consumers.  Consider this story for a moment:

Let’s say for example you are going out to a fine dining restaurant.  The food and location have received rave reviews.  You and your spouse arrive, and choose the finest cuts of meat and fish available.  You can smell the freshly prepared meal coming toward you to the table.  Upon arrival at the table, the waiter presents your fresh steak and salmon, on top of a garbage lid! Would it lose its appeal?  Would the food taste the same?  Would you still eat it?  OF course not. Why, the presentation ruined the entire meal!

So can be said for any retailer.  You can have the finest quality of products, jewelry, or ornaments; however if not properly showcased and displayed, no matter how fine the product, it will simply lose its luster.  Whether it be display cases, kiosksacrylic displays, wood showcases, trophy cases, or glass shelving.  The how, the why, the where, and the type are critical for aesthetic success.

About Fixtures Group
With almost 30 years experience Fixtures Group has been providing retailers with solutions to each and every one of the scenarios above.  From the quality of the shelving to the layout, Fixture Group has been a single source provider.  Breaking the mold of "one size fits all" solutions, Fixtures Group can customize any and all needs a retailer may have.  Fixtures Group has been an innovator of the last 30 years.  They have created some of the very first acrylic card racks for greeting card companies, to a unique line of Museum Display Cases and kiosks.  They have been apart of every trend, and the success and experience show.  If you need a "face lift" or thinking a new solution, Fixtures Group has the solution for you. Go today, and be apart of this yearlong party toward 30 years.  Experience the quality and craftsmanship firsthand at the Fixtures Group.

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